Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 149: January 23, 2010

Quote of the Day: "Everyone faces challenges and problems. Success lies in dealing with them promptly and thoroughly."

Well, I guess I didn't make the cutoff to have my post actually show up on here on the 23rd, but that's because I lost all track of time, as usual.  I got up this morning full of the intentions to clean my kitchen up. And I grabbed a really heavy-duty cleaner/degreaser and cleaned my countertop and tile backsplash, scrubbing the grout with a brush. Then I decided, what the heck. I'm really tired of these ugly countertops, but we aren't going to be replacing them any time soon, so I'm going to do something about it.  And I started painting. And painting. Until finally, eight layers of paint later, I have one completed countertop waiting for approval from the Big Man before I add a coat of the epoxy sealer.  Until that's on there I can still scrape off all the paint and take it back to what it was, just in case Ron doesn't like it.  But I really do, so I hope he does! It's definitely a LOT better than the outdated countertops that came with the house.



Had a great talk with Ron today, too. We talked a bit about some of the things that we want to do to the house, some of the things we HAVE to do to the house, and just some things we want to do. It is always great to hear from him, but I sure can't wait until it's in person. That way, I can playfully smack his arm when he's being goofy, or I can just smile at him when he's being cute.  MAN, I miss that. But we're getting real close to the end, so at least it'll all be over with soon.

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