Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 170: February 13th, 2010

Quote of the day: "Kissing is a means of getting two people so close together that they can’t see anything wrong with each other." – Rene Yasenek

Happy Valentine's Day, baby! You know, since it's already Valentine's Day where you are. So far away. I'd love to be able to reach out and hug you, but since I can't my saying it will have to do.  Just know that I am thinking of you right at this very minute, and that I want more than anything to be able to hug you again. As I know I will soon be able to do!!!! And how thankful I will be when you are finally returned to me!  Just like heaven!

I have been working on homework pretty much ALL DAY LONG! My brain is just about turning to mush. I am so very tired of it that I could just fall down and lay there in the fetal position sleeping for a week. But I have to get it done, so I'm at it again. Sigh.  You'd think it'll help me learn or something. I really need to be studying for my test coming up on Wednesday, and have only had a very little amount of time to do it. This test is for my mental health class (psych), so it is going to be really tough compared to the mother/baby class test. I'll need to try extra hard, I think. I have some of it down, but I really need to study the meds a lot, because she said that there were a lot of medications you HAVE to know about. We'll see.... still have to get a little more homework done tomorrow.

Cody is out spending the night with his friend Caleb, and Damien is at his friend Drew's again, so I once again have a nice, quiet house all to myself. It's kind of nice for studying, but it really stinks the rest of the time when you want someone to talk to, or even just know that there is someone else there. Did I tell you I can't wait for Ron to come home? Oh, well... I'm telling you again! LOL  That's one thing I can't stand... being alone ALL the time. I love it once in a while, but when it's repetitive it gets old. I can't imagine what being a hermit must be like. I'm sure some of them enjoy it, but if they aren't the self-imposed hermit, then it must be awful. It's like a fate worse than death! I am NOT that much fun for me to talk to. I talk back too much to myself for my tastes. I'd rather talk to someone else, so that I DON'T know what they are going to say! HA HA HA HA

Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 169: February 12th, 2010

Quote of the Day: "Where love is concerned, too much is not ever enough." – Pierre-Augustin Caron De Beaumarchais

Well, gee, what a day. Where to begin???

First off, I made an 83 on my first test in my Mother/Baby class, so I am pretty happy with that. I guess that some of the studying really helped a LOT... now if I just had the critical thinking skills, I'd be all set. I DID follow through and go to the hospital website and apply for the new position they just posted. I'm not sure if I will get it, with my dates so far out that I would be able to start, but we'll see. At least I'm trying, right? And I really DO love it!

I went to the freezer today to take out one of my little brownie squares that I had frozen, intending to treat myself because I've lost so much weight and had such a rough day, only to find that Cody has been his usual insensitive self and eaten ALL BUT SIX of them... and they're all the flavors that I wasn't particularly fond of. All the good flavors - gone.  And those were VERY expensive brownies, sent to ME by my BEST FRIEND. I am so angry with him that I don't even want to look at him. I don't know what makes him think he can just take whatever he wants, but he does it ALL THE TIME. And at thirteen he should know better. He is lazy, he is not doing his chores, he refuses to ride the bus home, he is not doing his homework.... what am I going to DO WITH HIM??????  Anyone know any good military schools?

Oh, and to make matters more interesting I braved all that wet, slushy snow to go out back and do the pool chemicals and vacuum it. Not in and of itself anything bad, until I got up onto the jacuzzi to vacuum in there, lost my balance, and fell in. I think I might have actually been in the water less than a millisecond, because once I realized I was falling I was backpedaling as fast as I could to get out of it.  Boy, was I wishing the heater was fixed on the stupid thing! It was COLD!!! I don't know how those people in the Polar Bear Club do it! I came in the house as quick as I could trying to shed the cold, wet layers, and have been an icicle ever since. I'm sure I looked ridiculous, too... good thing no one was around to laugh at me!

I guess you could say it hasn't really been that great of a day. Nothing has been going right at all. And I sure wish it would! Maybe I should have waited to apply for that job. Hmm.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 168: February 11th, 2010

Quote of the Day: "True love doesn’t have a happy ending, true love doesn’t have an ending." -author unknown


I am so angry right now that I could just scream! Today was clinicals for our Mother/Baby portion of classes, and I was assigned to the postpartum floor.  I was thoroughly enjoying it, and was really feeling like it was all "clicking together" today. I was at my top performance today. I professed a great amount of interest. And I liked it even more than the Labor and Delivery rotation.  So what happens? That up to 2 inches of snow we were expected to get came in with a vengeance, and they made us leave early!  I asked the instructor if we could elect to stay and finish out the day, but we couldn't. So I can't help but feeling cheated out of one of the best parts of clinicals.... something I actually enjoy! And I just KNOW that the roads are going to be horrible after all this is over, which is also not helping my mood any.

I had a really great nurse that I was assigned to today.  She did everything she could to help teach us things while she was doing her patient care, and made it a point to show us things.  I liked her a lot as well, and would love the chance to be one of her coworkers.  When I asked if there were any jobs going to open up on the unit she introduced me to Ellen, the lady who would be in charge of the hiring. She said that they should be loading all the new positions tonight, so I'll go check first thing tomorrow morning and see what is on there. If there is a job on that unit I am going to apply for it. And then pray really hard! LOL

I'm loading up some snow pictures on here from today, since Ron has missed yet another snow. I really hate that. It makes me sad because it's not like this here every year, so it'll probably be a few years before we have something like this again. I wish he could have been here, because he really enjoys the snow so much. He likes it a lot more than I do, that's for sure!!! But I keep telling myself that climates are changing, and maybe next year will be like this too. One can only hope, right?

Tonight I worked on some homework for school, and here in a little bit I'm going to start studying for my mental health class. I have a feeling that the tests for that class are going to be especially gruelling, and I will need all the help that I can get to prepare for them. Which unfortunately is going to be a whole lot of studying. I just hope that I can learn enough (and have enough common sense) to do well enough on the tests to pass them. My biggest problem is going to be knowing what to say, when. I always tend to say the wrong things, which is really dangerous to do with a person suffering from a mental health issue. And I'm afraid that the tendency will come through on the test and make it impossible for me to pass it.  But I'm going to read all the chapters in the book, and try to write down all the important things, and we'll see what happens with it. The test is on Wednesday, which makes it to where I should have just enough time left to finish studying and do well. But we'll see... that's the one thing I have learned about nursing school.... one test at a time.

Today's Snow Pictures

Skip's forecast info from the texoma's homepage website.......

"2010-02-11 19:06:03 The upper wave responsible for the snow will slowly move east this evening. Other than remaining flurries, the back edge of the accumulating snows has been apparent for several hours this afternoon and is expected to continue its steady pace east. Warnings and advisories will likely remain unchanged until some cancellations may occur in western zones later this evening. Fog is likely tonight in the south and in the southeast tomorrow night. Maximum temperature forecasts for Friday were change to reflect snow coverage in south central and southeast Oklahoma. Saturday will likely be the warmest day in a while with sun and before the next cold front which comes early Sunday. Gusty north winds and temperatures dropping into the 30s during the day Sunday are likely, but precipitations is not with this clipper style system. Cool and dry weather is expected until mid-week when another system is forecast to move across the Pacific northwest and drop south with the long wave pattern. Moisture may be sufficient for rain/snow with this system by Thursday."

REALLY? AGAIN? HONESTLY!!! If another clinical gets messed up because of this I'm going to scream!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 167: February 10, 2010

Quote of the day: "Love is the master key that opens the gate of happiness." – Oliver Wendell Holmes

Okay, I did it. I checked the windows. Only to find them completely stuck shut. But I have to lean real far over the counter to try and open them, without touching the counters, which is extremely difficult anyway. And they're usually real hard to open, so I'm going to wait and try to open them once the countertop has cured completely and try again. I figure maybe if I can get up ONTO the countertop then I'd be able to open it with leverage. If not, well... not going to hurt MY feelings anyways. I no longer feel a draft coming in under the windows! LOL

I did well on my test today, I think I only missed 8 or 9 questions. REAL good results compared to what I THOUGHT I was going to do on it, considering the fact that I hardly had any time to study. But I'm finding that the mother/baby part is easy for me to remember. I'm not sure about the mental health class, though... don't you have to be mentally healthy to understand mental health??? HAHAHA  One of the first things I've noticed since entering the nursing program is that it makes me completely and totally insane. I'm out of my mind. Or my mind left me, you figure it out. I just know that I can't concentrate, can't remember things, and am constantly feeling completely wiped out, as if I haven't slept in weeks. And I'm tired of it. No pun intended, of course!

Oh, and one more thing...I am starting to HATE MY BODY! It is totally rebelling lately against the weight loss, making me hungry all the time and everything. All these long months I've been steadily losing weight, at less than the recommended rate. Then all of a sudden my weight went flat-line, staying at exactly the same weight for 7 out of 9 days, and now for the last two days it's gone up. I've gained so much that I now weigh what I did around the end of January, a little over two weeks ago. It's so frustrating! I got so close to my goal weight, within 1.2 pounds, and now I'm gaining again. I don't know if it's stress related or what, but I really wish that I could get it under control. Gotta stop with the hunger, already!! And drink more water, although I drank more than my 2 liters yesterday of water and it didn't help any.  Giving it a week, and then I'm just going to give up. Life's grand, though.... I'm around 20 lbs less even if I don't lose back to my lowest.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 166: February 9, 2010

Quote of the Day: "Couples who love each other tell each other a thousand things without talking."  – Chinese proverb

About that proverb... it's a good thing, because Ron and I haven't been able to talk hardly at all since he left, so I'm looking forward to being able to look at his face again. It's getting closer every day, and all I can say is that I am really, really grateful that we'll be together again soon. It's going to be so nice to have someone else who I can depend on besides me.  And I'm sure that having someone who can change light bulbs in a high ceiling or grab things off the top shelf is going to be nice to have again, as well.

I got the countertops done today, finally. I still have one layer to add to the countertop with the sink on it, but I'm thinking that can wait until Ron comes home. It'd be easier, and plus... he'd get to see what a pain in the butt that stuff is to deal with. I've made a total mess of the floor in the kitchen with it, I'm sure. At least we plan on taking it out and putting in tile, right? LOL I'll take pictures of the countertops to put on here once they've had their three days of cure time and I can put things onto them again. I can't WAIT to see what the kitchen will look like once all that tape and plastic are down!  The only thing that concerns me in any way are the windows that butt up next to the countertop. I taped them up really well, but I'm still worried that once the resin has dried it will have stuck to the tape and made the windows inoperable. Which is no big deal to me, because not only are they a pain to open, they leak air like crazy. So maybe having them sealed with resin would be a blessing in disguise! We're replacing those too, so no big deal. Right? LOL

Tonight Laurie is over and we are studying for our test tomorrow in class. I feel totally unprepared for it, which probably means I'll just barely squeak by with another 78. Or worse, fail it completely. But the subject matter isn't anything really new to me, so I'm hoping that all my knowledge gained through my pregnancies and child raising has stuck with me in my long term memory enough that I'll make it just fine.  It seems like everything we've studied so far has been familiar to me. We'll see what tomorrow brings, that's for sure.  But for now, I have to get going and get back to studying, because our break is almost over. Have a great day!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 165: February 8, 2010

Quote of the Day: "Leaders are not born. They are made. They are made just like anything else. . . through hard work. That's the price we have to pay to achieve that goal or any goal."  - Vince Lombardi

Okay, I'm sorry, but THAT'S FUNNY!!!! Damien came home this morning, I saw him walking toward the house in the rain when I was driving Cody to school and picked him up. He had caught a ride to town with Drew when he drove in for school, and was walking from the high school. But really, that's not the funny part. The funny part is that I have to go to Lowe's this morning and pick up a propane torch for the countertops, and I just happened to glance up and noticed that Damien had a Hitler moustache. I asked him "You're going to shave that before I take you with me anywhere, right?" And he got this deer-in-the-headlights confused look on his face, and it was like time stood still in his mind for a few seconds. "What do you mean?" He asked me. Then you could see realization hit him right in the face, and he just gets this look.  "Oh, you've GOT to be kidding!" he says. Evidently his friends thought it would be hilarious to give him a little shave while he slept.... and he hadn't looked in a mirror, so he had no clue!!!! And even funnier is that, with my habit of always looking at people's eyes, I'd been with him for an hour and a half, and even took him to Dollar General with me, and never noticed it!!!! Oh, you gotta love it!

Mocha in her Winter Coat... boy, does she love playing dress-up! (Or is it that she's tired of being cold?)

Been working on the countertops ALL DAY LONG, UGH!!! I've washed off so many layers of paint that I'm not sure I'll have much skin left at the end of it all.  Tomorrow I have to get up and do the resin on it, with Damien's help. Looking forward to having them DONE, though I'll have to keep the cats locked up for three days straight to keep them off the countertops while they're curing. Well, mostly off the cat counter, but ya know how it goes... if something is "new" they have to investigate it. Repeatedly.  They drive me crazy sometimes.

Not as much as the kids right now, though. I bought a bunch of balloons and blew a lot of them up with the intention of hanging them from the ceiling in front of the cabinets to keep the cats from jumping up, then decided it would be easier just to lock them up until the counters had cured. SOOOO, we have all these balloons blown up on the floor... which evidently was way too much temptation for Damien and Cody. They couldn't handle it, I guess.  For the last hour I have been scared at least four times by them sneaking up behind me (or just ignoring me altogether) and popping balloons. Between their everyday boy noises and the sound of popping balloons it's like world war three in a dance club around here.  NOT to mention the fact that Cody put a whole bunch of not-blown-up balloons inside one giant blown up balloon and made the equivalent of a giant baby rattle and is running around shaking it, driving me crazy. Good thing I'm not currently trying to study or I would have to box them in their ears. BIG time. I was going to study after I get the last layer of paint on the countertops, but I think  now that they're all riled up like they are, I'll just do it in the morning when school is in session. Oh, man, you've gotta love school... a crazed parent's best friend! Is it 7am yet?

Day 164: February 7, 2010

Quote of the Day:   "As the presence of those we love is as a double life, so absence, in its anxious longing and sense of vacancy, is as a foretaste of death." ~Anna Brownell Jameson

Good morning! I was toooo tired to blog last night! UGH!!!  Yesterday I finally got the entire kitchen backsplash completed, and am pretty happy with the results. I think now that I may consider adding just a couple of blacks and browns to it because it looks kind of  plain, but that's something I will have to mess around with later. It'll do for now, and that's what's important. No, let me restate that... what's really important is that I no longer have to look at that stupid fruit on the tile! I will no longer feel that urgent need to rip out the tile and completely redo it immediately. We'll have some time to plan out what we want to do in the kitchen, and by that I mean that now I can handle waiting a couple (or few) years before we open up that can of worms. Which is plenty of time to get these nasty floors done, as well as the doors and windows.  Those are Ron's priority, so I've done what I can to make it to where I can deal with the low-priority kitchen! HAHAHA

Cody went over to a Super Bowl party one of the members of his church was throwing, and he evidently had a lot of fun. I spent most of the afternoon and all of the evening in the kitchen baking banana bread, for two reasons: One: I need the space in the freezer the frozen bananas are taking up because my garage freezer all of a sudden quit working.  And, Two: Ron requested that I send him his cell phone so that when he finally arrives stateside he can use it at the airports during transit. So I needed something else to put in the box with it, and since he said that he and the guys loved getting the banana bread last time, I figured it would be the best way to fill the box. You know, since he'll be coming home soon and won't want anything else he'd have to pack up to send back.  And I can't help but spoil my baby, after all!

Anyways, today I have a couple of things up my sleeve, so I'll get on them real quick and I'll write about them in tonights blogs. Have a great day!