Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 154: January 28, 2010

Quote of the Day: "You are a part of me… a part that I could never live without. And I hope that I never have to." – author unknown

Okay, so I missed the midnight deadline... again! I was busily working along on my school stuff and did not realize how late it is. I'd better be careful or I'll get my night-owl syndrome back, and right at the beginning of a semester is NOT the time for that!

I realized today just how long it's going to take for this semester's homework. For just one class, one day's homework, I took four straight hours. And we have three classes with homework! Gimme a break, people! WHY do this to nursing students when they have so much riding on one single semester???  I almost can't wait to be done just to be done with homework.  Am I going to go to school for my bachelor's degree right out of ADN school? Um, no. I think I'll take at least a year or so off to get a feel for my new job and to actually ENJOY LIFE for a little while before I start up again with the whole school mess. Or better yet, maybe I'll just be a happy little Associate Degree nurse the rest of my life!  Who needs all that money anyways?  With a higher degree comes a higher degree of accountability and of potential lawsuits. I'm not sure I'll be any better off with more education. Have to think about that one.

We had a good amount of rain today, and some ice.  They say they're expecting more overnight, and the schools are on a 2hr late start schedule as of right now.  Me, personally, I think everyone is totally paranoid after the blizzard and they are overreacting to every little storm that comes through. I KNOW it won't get bad overnight, things are going to be fine, and there are going to be a lot of really embarassed people tomorrow when they realize that they changed all the schools in the area to a late start for no reason. Okay, well maybe I don't KNOW, but I sure do suspect it.  I just don't have that "worse weather is coming" feeling. Oh, well... I'm sick of cold anyways.  I wasn't, but that week without heat really did me in.  BRING ON SPRING!!!! (Not to mention my very own selfish reason to look forward to spring... that's when my love of my life is going to be coming home!)

Sadly, I did nothing but school work all day, so I don't have very much to say other than to gripe about how excessive that was.  But to be honest with you my eyes are really red and itchy from staring at the computer and the books all day, and I really just don't have it in me to complain very much tonight. So I'm going to bed, and I'm sure that for tomorrow night's blog I can come up with something halfway intelligent... I'm going to try and get to blogging earlier before I'm totally worn out!

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