Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 150: January 24, 2010

Quote of the Day:

"What shall I do with all the days and hours
That must be counted ere I see thy face?
How shall I charm the interval that lowers
Between this time and that sweet time of grace?
~Frances Anne Kemble

Well, if I had a penny for every day that Ron has been gone, I'd have enough to get a few cups of coffee. Or maybe a soda, with tax.  But if I had a hundred dollar bill, then.... man, the options would defninitely increase! LOL

I started on the backsplash today that I've been planning to do for a year. And bought the paint for a year ago. But now, I'm not such a happy camper.  First of all, I wore latex gloves from Lowe's to paint with because it's oil-based paint, and you have to have hand contact with it if you want to sponge paint. I taped everything up all great, and had everything protected. Even my hands!  But guess what I learned the hard way?  Cheap latex gloves from Lowe's rip REAL easy, evidently. Without you knowing they have done it.  So now, three of the fingers and the thumb on my right hand look like I've dipped my hand into the paint can, the fingers on my left hand are just a little better,  and there are various other spots on my hands that have little spots of oil-based paint on them. And tomorrow is a clinical day!!!! Thankfully, it's not one where I will have to do patient care, so I therefore won't have to worry so much about it. Unless it doesn't come off by Thursday, then I'm up a creek without a paddle.  So once I discovered the glove problem I started wearing four pairs at once, and it worked much better.  But now.... I just don't like the way the paint actually looks on the tile.  It gets good coverage and all, but it was really difficult to do because the paint just wants to run and run, and the sponge starts drying out after a while and it doesn't do as good a job.  Sigh.  Not sure what to do with it, because I don't like the way the paint looks, but I can't take it off because it's oil-based. GRR! At least it was just a temporary fix until we have the money to redo the kitchen. And it's only the first of three colors, so maybe it will start looking better once I start messing with the other layers a little.  Here's hoping, anyways. But in the meantime, here are some in-the-process photos for you to look at. See if you can see what I mean about how bumpy it looks!

I also decided today that it was time to trim the dogs' toenails, which was a fiasco in and of itself.  Chloe wasn't so bad, because I'm used to doing hers and she's used to me doing them.  Scaredy-cat little Mocha, however, was a totally different story.  She just did not want me having anything to do with holding her little paws!  She let me trim her nails, but it was definitely a fight to keep her from yanking her paws out of my hand. And of course, she did her typical little constant whine that drives me crazy. I'd have thought that she'd have gotten over that little personality quirk by now, but she hasn't. Oh, and let me tell you ... that damn dog sheds more than any cat I have ever seen! I'd have thought that a short-haired dog wouldn't shed so much, but she is the exception to the rule. If you pick her up when you're wearing black it's all over... you'd better have a lint roller in your back pocket.

Tomorrow I have orientation for my mother/baby clinicals, which I was looking forward to until I learned that we are supposed to take our clinical calculations books with us, which means we'll be working on drug problems. UGH! I really hate math! I understand that we're going to have it on the state board exams, and that we will have to practice them all the time in order to remember how to do them properly, but that does NOT mean that I have to like it! LOL 

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