Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 152: January 26, 2010

Quote of the Day: "Is it fair that you occupy so many of my thoughts- and so much of my heart?" -Gayle Lapekas

YAY, it's been 152 days now since I've seen my favorite person in the whole world.  Not quite half a year, but man, it sure feels like a lot longer than it has been. I can't wait to get him home and have our lives get back to normal again. I miss so many of the goofy things, and so many of the better ones. I really miss having someone to talk to and share things with. I miss arguing over whose turn it is to order pizzas becase "I ordered the last time, it's your turn." I miss laying in bed getting irritated because he HAS to have the water running to shave, and HAS to bang his razor on the side of the sink when he's shaving, right about the time I get used to the running water and am almost back to sleep again. I miss getting frustrated when he's in a bad mood and being grouchy. I miss so many things! Not all of them the bad things, though. I miss being able to jump up when I hear his truck enter the driveway and meet him at the door, I miss being able to reach out and hug him. Aw, hell, I just miss him. I can't sit here all night and list every little single thing or we'd be here for days. Probably until he lands in Dallas!

I worked on the backsplash today, and I think that it's really looking good, finally. I definitely know what color I DON'T want when we get around to redoing the backsplash, though... anything that looks white or cream, or even yellowish. Because that's what it is now... and I hate it. I need COLOR in my life,  people! Lots and lots of color! The plain and boring does nothing but make me feel depressed, and I'm SO TIRED of feeling depressed. It's great to walk into the family room or my bedroom, because they're both just so colorful. Well, the bedroom is kind of a dark and dreary mix of turqouise and chocolate, but that's okay, they're not sad colors, just relaxing ones. But I tell you, the room that I can't stand now is the one room that I am working on... and I sure hope that we have the money to get the floors, windows, and doors done soon so that I can move on to redoing the stupid kitchen. UGH! Well, let me rephrase that... the backsplash and counters. The floor that I hate will be gone when we do the rest of the floors, so those are the only things I'll have left that I'm not happy with.

Damien had his friend Drew over today, and they sat in the living room for awhile and played Monopoly, so I took what was probably one of my last few opportunities while he's still living with us to take some pictures. It's going to be strange not having him living at home, but that's if he can ever find a job. We'll see how long that takes... in this economy it could be a LONG time!

Other than that, Cody is spending a lot of his time with his girlfriend, Mika has a little bit of a kitty cold and is walking around sneezing all the time, Tiger is feeling much better and has been playing with his kitty toys and leaving them all over the house, Tiny is also not feeling well and has relegated himself into the dogbed in my bathroom floor and has been hiding there the last two days, and Chloe and Mocha are being their normal, happy-go-lucky little doggy selves. Life's just one big picnic! Did I mention that I am now taking donations for the "Save Carmen from Boredom" foundation? hehehe

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