Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 141: Evening Post

Okay, since I totally blew it and had to write yesterday's blog this morning, I still have to write tonight's. So....

Things are running pretty crazy here right now. I've been in my office all day trying to sort through the junk and put away all the things from prior semesters to get ready for this semester, and MAN, WHAT A MESS!!!!  As you can see, in typical Carmen fashion, I had to tear everything out in order to put it back where it goes.  Sigh. One of these days you'd think I'd learn that the best way to do things is to plan ahead and KEEP things organized! Believe it or not, though, there IS a system to the way I'm doing things.  I have different piles set up for different things, like piles of "Ron needs to go through", piles of "House stuff", piles of "School stuff"... you get the idea. I'm hoping that I can get a lot of this gone through and taken care of by the end of tomorrow. You know, like shredding all my old Wells Fargo employee stuff. And the cell phone statements from 2004, which I'm not sure why I still had. I did most of that today. I had a shred pile built up that was about a foot high, and I wasn't even through yet! UGH!!! I didn't realize that I had become such a pack rat again... I thought I had that old habit under control, but I guess I didn't. So at the end of the night tonight I am left with about half of what you see in these pictures taken care of, with hopes of NOT waking up in the morning and being overwhelmed with the things that are left. You know how it is when you take care of all the things that you can pigeonhole, categorize and group, and then you sit there looking at the rest of it thinking to yourself that you have no idea what to do with all the stuff that's left? That's where I'm at right now. That's why I'm quitting for the night, before I pull out ALL my hair.

3-ring binders actually make up a lot of the mess.... well, that, and the miscellanoes piles have gotten close enough that they look like one giant pile.


I really do k now what every single pile is. Wouldn't you?


To me, it's organized... to the casual observer, it's chaos in the making!

How funny is it that the one clean place in the whole room is the closet?

Still haven't moved my desktop back into the office now that the heater is fixed, because I've been waiting to get the office cleaned out. It'll probably be back in its home tomorrow.

Too cute to pass up..... wish I could hold MY foot and look comfortable sleeping!!!

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