Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 135: January 9th, 2010

Quote of the Day:  [A] final comfort that is small, but not cold: The heart is the only broken instrument that works. ~T.E. Kalem

Man, I just can't get used to this! It's 2010! That's twenty-ten!

OHMYGOSHCANITHAVEBEENTHATLONG? Really?  And I just barely started to get used to writing '09 on paperwork and checks. Sigh... I guess I'll get used to it again, but hopefully a lot faster than I did last year. Or the year before. Although, I have to admit, a couple months ago I accidentally wrote '08.  I mean, seriously... does Alzheimer's hit in your thirties? Or is this an entirely different type of dementia?  I wonder if that is considered a handicap.

The guy came and looked at the heater today. It turns out that all the heat strips have gone bad.  And my worst fears have come true, because he doesn't have the part and has to order it. On Monday, because he didn't show up until three-thirty and the manufacturer closes at 11 on Saturdays.  He says he's going to try and order it to ship overnight, but that means the absolute soonest it can be fixed is Tuesday. HE says, anyways. If it's coming overnight, it will still be the afternoon before it's delivered, which probably means he'll come out and fix it on Wednesday. Sigh.  I ran out of firewood around 2pm, and turned on the little electric spaceheater we have. The room was 68 when I ran out of firewood, but now it's at 63 degrees in here, and it's supposed to get down to 14 tonight for a low.  Not a chance of the heater keeping up, not when the rest of the house is fricking freezing. I just hope the pipes don't freeze up. THAT would be so typical of my luck ever since Ron left!  But let's think for a second.... The air conditioner lost a condenser, the water heater caught on fire, various kid problems, and now the heater goes down... What else is there LEFT but the plumbing that could possibly have issues? Oh, wait... maybe I'd better not tempt fate and ask that question.

I did take the time to do my weight loss pictures this morning, which was no picnic at ALL with the house this cold.  I was pretty happy with my results so far, and am very happy that I have almost reached my goal.  And I have a whole two months before the love of my life is due to come home again! WOOHOO!!!!  Plenty of time to get all my muscles firmed up, right? If I do it right, anyways.  I'm going to have to sit down and write up a workout plan so that I can get started on it.  No sense putting it off, just in case I might need that extra time.  And it's going to get really hectic once school starts, too, so I'll have to really try hard to find the time, and fit it in around the monstrous study sessions we have to have.  And for the past two semesters we only had one class and a clinical to study for. THIS semester, we have TWO clinical days a week, and three classes! And then at the end of the semester, we'll have an additional clinical day, making THREE clinical days a week. Plus the extra studying for the HESI exam, the test we have to pass in order to graduate.  They've been pounding THAT one into our heads since the first day of the very first semester: NO pass, NO graduate. 

I'm going to be a busy, busy girl... I just hope I can keep my head above water!  I'm really glad that no one warned me about how bad nursing school really is BEFORE I was accepted, or I might have never even gotten started. I'd still just be doing some boring, dead-end job somewhere for poor man's wages. Not that I have a job right now, but at least after May I'll have the potential to GET a good job.  That's what's keeping me going through all this, the fact that there's an end in sight, and now it's within reach.

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