Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 136: January 10, 2010

Quote of the Day:  
"Ever absent, ever near; Still I see thee, still I hear;
Yet I cannot reach thee, dear!"  ~Francis Kazinczy

Hey, what do ya know... today is computer code!  01-10-10.  You know, the way all computer data is transferred using just zeros and ones. I know, just a weird random thought for the day's end. I can't help it, so I am just going to blame it on sleep deprivation. Can I do that? I don't see why not.

Today has been a really up and down sort of day.  Woke up to the freezing cold, bad.  Got to get the house cleaned up a little bit, good.  Sgt Guillory and his wife stopped by to drop off a Christmas present from the squadron, good.  Had just finished mopping the floor by the front entry with vinegar, bad.  Got a lot of very detailed work done on the kitchen in the houseplans, good.  But the most important and horrible occurrence of the day is Tiger, my favorite and most precious kitty. 

He is very, very sick, and that is the worst thing of the entire day. Even worse than having people come over and the house reeking of vinegar (which I find mortifying) and not having heat during the coldest part of the year.  I have been noticing that he has been taking more and more frequent trips to the litterbox over the last week or two, and have chalked it up to him "marking his territory" or something. No big deal, right? Well, last night when I went to change the litterbox I noticed all these little tiny spots of pinkish-orange urine on the tile in front of it.  Okay, so at that point I knew that one of the kitties was sick, but not WHICH kitty. Well, this morning Tiger is walking around real slow, in pain, crying out, growling, and the only time he can get any decent amount of pee out is when he lays down on his side on the tile and tries to pee.

I called the vet and left a message to have her contact me, but she never did answer me back. So I'm going to call up there first thing in the morning and take him in.  The poor thing can barely stand to move, and even though he is the most sweetest, most loveable cat I've ever seen in my entire life, he now growls when you try to pick him up. He is completely the opposite of his usual self. Poor little guy hasn't eaten or drank anything all day long that I've seen. And anyone who knows this cat, they know how rare an occurrence that is. Usually he's bullying the other cats away from the food dish and eating as often as five or six times a day. He's not a fat-cat-approaching-Garfield-status for nothing.  That boy LOVES to eat!  I am sooooo upset that he is in pain and there is nothing I can do about it!!!

Tomorrow morning can't come nearly fast enough for me, so that I can take him in to the vet and get him looked at. Maybe she can give him something to stop the pain. My heart is breaking just watching him go through this!  And all while having no heat, adding insult to injury. I'm trying to keep him comfortable, but I really doubt that anything is helping him at this point. All I can do is lay there and pet him and pray that he makes it through this. And you can tell that I'm upset about it, because tonight was the SEASON PREMIERE of my favorite show EVER, the show I've never missed an episode of... and I forgot all about it until after it was over! Come on 7am!!!

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