Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 165: February 8, 2010

Quote of the Day: "Leaders are not born. They are made. They are made just like anything else. . . through hard work. That's the price we have to pay to achieve that goal or any goal."  - Vince Lombardi

Okay, I'm sorry, but THAT'S FUNNY!!!! Damien came home this morning, I saw him walking toward the house in the rain when I was driving Cody to school and picked him up. He had caught a ride to town with Drew when he drove in for school, and was walking from the high school. But really, that's not the funny part. The funny part is that I have to go to Lowe's this morning and pick up a propane torch for the countertops, and I just happened to glance up and noticed that Damien had a Hitler moustache. I asked him "You're going to shave that before I take you with me anywhere, right?" And he got this deer-in-the-headlights confused look on his face, and it was like time stood still in his mind for a few seconds. "What do you mean?" He asked me. Then you could see realization hit him right in the face, and he just gets this look.  "Oh, you've GOT to be kidding!" he says. Evidently his friends thought it would be hilarious to give him a little shave while he slept.... and he hadn't looked in a mirror, so he had no clue!!!! And even funnier is that, with my habit of always looking at people's eyes, I'd been with him for an hour and a half, and even took him to Dollar General with me, and never noticed it!!!! Oh, you gotta love it!

Mocha in her Winter Coat... boy, does she love playing dress-up! (Or is it that she's tired of being cold?)

Been working on the countertops ALL DAY LONG, UGH!!! I've washed off so many layers of paint that I'm not sure I'll have much skin left at the end of it all.  Tomorrow I have to get up and do the resin on it, with Damien's help. Looking forward to having them DONE, though I'll have to keep the cats locked up for three days straight to keep them off the countertops while they're curing. Well, mostly off the cat counter, but ya know how it goes... if something is "new" they have to investigate it. Repeatedly.  They drive me crazy sometimes.

Not as much as the kids right now, though. I bought a bunch of balloons and blew a lot of them up with the intention of hanging them from the ceiling in front of the cabinets to keep the cats from jumping up, then decided it would be easier just to lock them up until the counters had cured. SOOOO, we have all these balloons blown up on the floor... which evidently was way too much temptation for Damien and Cody. They couldn't handle it, I guess.  For the last hour I have been scared at least four times by them sneaking up behind me (or just ignoring me altogether) and popping balloons. Between their everyday boy noises and the sound of popping balloons it's like world war three in a dance club around here.  NOT to mention the fact that Cody put a whole bunch of not-blown-up balloons inside one giant blown up balloon and made the equivalent of a giant baby rattle and is running around shaking it, driving me crazy. Good thing I'm not currently trying to study or I would have to box them in their ears. BIG time. I was going to study after I get the last layer of paint on the countertops, but I think  now that they're all riled up like they are, I'll just do it in the morning when school is in session. Oh, man, you've gotta love school... a crazed parent's best friend! Is it 7am yet?

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