Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 168: February 11th, 2010

Quote of the Day: "True love doesn’t have a happy ending, true love doesn’t have an ending." -author unknown


I am so angry right now that I could just scream! Today was clinicals for our Mother/Baby portion of classes, and I was assigned to the postpartum floor.  I was thoroughly enjoying it, and was really feeling like it was all "clicking together" today. I was at my top performance today. I professed a great amount of interest. And I liked it even more than the Labor and Delivery rotation.  So what happens? That up to 2 inches of snow we were expected to get came in with a vengeance, and they made us leave early!  I asked the instructor if we could elect to stay and finish out the day, but we couldn't. So I can't help but feeling cheated out of one of the best parts of clinicals.... something I actually enjoy! And I just KNOW that the roads are going to be horrible after all this is over, which is also not helping my mood any.

I had a really great nurse that I was assigned to today.  She did everything she could to help teach us things while she was doing her patient care, and made it a point to show us things.  I liked her a lot as well, and would love the chance to be one of her coworkers.  When I asked if there were any jobs going to open up on the unit she introduced me to Ellen, the lady who would be in charge of the hiring. She said that they should be loading all the new positions tonight, so I'll go check first thing tomorrow morning and see what is on there. If there is a job on that unit I am going to apply for it. And then pray really hard! LOL

I'm loading up some snow pictures on here from today, since Ron has missed yet another snow. I really hate that. It makes me sad because it's not like this here every year, so it'll probably be a few years before we have something like this again. I wish he could have been here, because he really enjoys the snow so much. He likes it a lot more than I do, that's for sure!!! But I keep telling myself that climates are changing, and maybe next year will be like this too. One can only hope, right?

Tonight I worked on some homework for school, and here in a little bit I'm going to start studying for my mental health class. I have a feeling that the tests for that class are going to be especially gruelling, and I will need all the help that I can get to prepare for them. Which unfortunately is going to be a whole lot of studying. I just hope that I can learn enough (and have enough common sense) to do well enough on the tests to pass them. My biggest problem is going to be knowing what to say, when. I always tend to say the wrong things, which is really dangerous to do with a person suffering from a mental health issue. And I'm afraid that the tendency will come through on the test and make it impossible for me to pass it.  But I'm going to read all the chapters in the book, and try to write down all the important things, and we'll see what happens with it. The test is on Wednesday, which makes it to where I should have just enough time left to finish studying and do well. But we'll see... that's the one thing I have learned about nursing school.... one test at a time.

Today's Snow Pictures

Skip's forecast info from the texoma's homepage website.......

"2010-02-11 19:06:03 The upper wave responsible for the snow will slowly move east this evening. Other than remaining flurries, the back edge of the accumulating snows has been apparent for several hours this afternoon and is expected to continue its steady pace east. Warnings and advisories will likely remain unchanged until some cancellations may occur in western zones later this evening. Fog is likely tonight in the south and in the southeast tomorrow night. Maximum temperature forecasts for Friday were change to reflect snow coverage in south central and southeast Oklahoma. Saturday will likely be the warmest day in a while with sun and before the next cold front which comes early Sunday. Gusty north winds and temperatures dropping into the 30s during the day Sunday are likely, but precipitations is not with this clipper style system. Cool and dry weather is expected until mid-week when another system is forecast to move across the Pacific northwest and drop south with the long wave pattern. Moisture may be sufficient for rain/snow with this system by Thursday."

REALLY? AGAIN? HONESTLY!!! If another clinical gets messed up because of this I'm going to scream!

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