Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 198: March 13, 2010

Quote of the Day: "Earn your success based on service to others, not at the expense of others." - H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

I just realized, Ron will be back in Texas on day 200 exactly. Isn't that funny?  I can't wait to go down to Dallas to pick him up at the airport! I spent most of today picking things up around the house so that it will be nice and clean for him when he gets here.  You know, because he's been living in a third world country.... with a bunch of guys.... in a tiny little closet.  So I figured it'd be great for him to have his giant house all clean so that he can just stretch out and relax.  Of course, Cody may have destroyed it again by the time we get back here from Dallas, but you never know.  Maybe I'll get lucky this time and nothing will go wrong.  Yeah, right!  Just tonight Cody came in from playing outside to tell me that he had his (3rd) new phone in his pocket and fell, and it broke.  And guess what? He's gotten so many insurance replacements that they will no longer cover him. Go figure!  So I had to call and have the OLD old phone activated... Damien's old Razr.  You'd think the dang kid would learn something, but he doesn't.  That's okay, though, becuase MOM sure has learned. NO more new phones for Cody. He will be getting a used phone next time if I can swing it, or whatever phone they have on sale. No exceptions. I am not going to keep throwing away our money like that, no matter WHAT he thinks.  I am NOT that patient a person!

On the plus side, though, things are really starting to shape up around here, and the warm weather has me feeling pretty happy.  My flowers are looking great, as you can see, and I could not be happier about that.  The flowering quince is a surprise... I had no idea that all the flowers would be down at the base of the shrub and not on the tips of the branches like on most flowering bushes.  So I'm a little disappointed in that, but hoping that it's because they're such young shrubs.  And my magnolias are in really poor shape, so I'm just hoping that they will make it.  I really need to get moving on finding them a spot that will be better suited to them.  GRR!

Oh, well.  At least I get my wish, Ron may get to see the flowering quince at work.  The sage bushes, however, have no leaves left on them, and I'm really wondering if they are even alive.  I'm going to give it a little bit, because for all I know it could just be that the cold zapped the leaves but left the branches alive. Not really sure, but I looked at them really closely and don't see any signs of new leaves or buds or anything. 
And I'll be putting my rosemary in the ground as well, since if they made it through all that Christmas snow and all the really low temps we had this winter, as well as the fact that they made it through all of last summer.  I figure they're pretty good for around here.  The hibiscus are both dead, so I'll have to dig them out, but that's okay because Ron and I actually intend to turn that area into an extended patio sometime.  And in the meantime, we have to till it this spring thanks to Chloe and her stupid digging habit.  The grass will all need replanted anyway, because that crazy dark green grass that keeps creeping in everywhere seems to be spreading like crazy this spring. It'd be a really great grass, if it wasn't such a fast grower. You'd have to mow three times a week to keep it looking good.  Love the color, love the texture, HATE THE MOWING!!!! But once Ron comes home he will be taking back over yard and pool duties, and he doesn't seem to hate it as much as I do.  Must be a guy thing.  I'd rather be sitting on the patio WATCHING him mow.  Something about a dirty, sweaty guy covered in grass clippings! HAHAHA

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