Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 192: March 7, 2010

Quote of the Day: "If I know what love is, it’s because of you." – Herman Hesse

Wow, what a day it's been. I had to get something out from under my bed, and when I bent down to get it I got the most horriffic smell of cat urine right in the face!!!!!!! Evidently one of Ron's little angels has decided that it'd be a great place to go! And since the entire area under the bed is jam packed with Rubbermaid tubs, I'm not sure how the heck they even did it. But I did my best to steam clean the heck out of the carpet, and then took a drive to Lowe's for some boards and hinges, to try and block off the area while still making it to where I can get the bins out from under there whenever I want to. I wish they didn't make those things angled to where the bottom is smaller! If they made them square, then there wouldn't have been an area where the stupid cats could get in there. Oh, well, I'm just hoping that they can't sneak in under a board an inch and a half off the floor. We'll see, but if they  CAN get under there still, then I'm making yet another trip to Lowe's for some thinner wood to screw onto the back of what I just put on there. At least, I'm praying they can't. I can't move the darn bed by myself to properly clean up the carpets, and CAN'T stand even the thought of cat urine, much less the smell. I'm about to get rid of the cats altogether. Wouldn't bother me a bit for two out of three of them, and since I know which one is doing it (or at least, which one it would be right in line with personality), I know which one I would start out getting rid of first. Ya know, sometimes... It's better not to have more than one animal, so that you always know who to blame.

I watched the season finale of my show tonight, fat lot of good it did me. As usual, the season was too darn short and they crammed too much into the episode.  Just like the last two seasons.  Yeah, it's riveting, but really.... at least they could make it a LITTLE believable. I think that next season will be the last season. If I didn't know they had already signed a contract for another season, I would be concerned that this was the SERIES finale, with the way they ended it. I'd love for them to get back to the good stuff and not have so much drama going on all the time.  NO one has THAT much going on every single day of their life, I don't care WHO they are. Even the President doesn't have that much crap going on! Well, okay, maybe he does, but that's why all our Presidents are gray-haired by the end of their term. And I sure don't see any of the characters on the show getting gray hairs from all their "stress" they deal with every single day of their lives. I'm going to give it this next season, but if they don't start doing a better job of taking their time and slowing it down, I am outta there. I have more than enough going on in my own life to sit down every Sunday night for ten weeks straight trying to remember who did what in which episode. It was much easier when the storylines were more mellow.

Okay, enough of my soapbox. I can't wait for next season, though...It's bound to be pretty good with all the little cliffhangers they left on there tonight.

Oh, and by the way.... pizza? NOT YOUR FRIEND IF YOU ARE TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT! 2LB WEIGHT GAIN OVERNIGHT! It would have probably helped if I could sleep last night, but Cody and his friends that stayed over made my night a living hell... and then I woke UP to a living hell this morning. You should have seen the mess they made! I have no idea what the heck they were doing, but there were Cheetos and candle wax strewn all over the living room, along with trash, water bottles, empty food wrappers, you name it.  I could not believe it!  The pictures just don't do it justice, because all those little tiny pieces of wax just don't show up real well.  I had to really light into Cody about using my candles, because number one he is not allowed to light them - at all. Ever. And especially not a $20 Bath and Body Works candle!!!!! I've been catching him doing it all the time lately, and I'm about to lock him in his room until high school graduation. That is, if he doesn't burn the house down first!!! Oh, and I really appreciated the almost-midnight wake-up to him coming into my room to go into my bathroom for a bottle of nail polish to prank his friend. Let me just say that we are NOT having any more sleepovers here, because I have had my fill of nights like I had last night. And he is going to be doing some serious work making it right, if you ask me.  That was WAY crazy!

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