Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 188: March 3rd, 2010

Quote of the Day:  "The most valuable thing I have learned from life is to regret nothing." - Somerset Maugham

Cody's final track tryouts were today. He got selected to do the 110 yard hurdles.  He says it was on account of the fact that he can jump the highest out of the rest of the people and still do a "hurdle". I just told him that it's because he's got those monstrously long Nason legs, just like his daddy! LOL He's pretty excited about it, though.  Their first meet is this Friday night, in Vernon.  They'll be taking the bus there from the school. Not sure what time they'll be back, but we'll see. Good luck to him!

Damien spent all evening on the computer applying for jobs here and there.  He applied for several jobs with the city of Wichita Falls, plus a couple of other, and also has another application to fill out and fax in to apply to work at the base library and a couple of leads to go apply at that he will have to actually physically go to. Let's hope that SOMETHING pans out for the poor kid... I looked all over the net, and although there used to be at least a hundred different jobs listed on Monster, yahoo jobs, and careerbuilder in the Wichita Falls area, the ones on there now are all those scam jobs. You know the ones...."Make 90K working from home..." type jobs.  BAH! Who needs it?

As for me, I have my third interview at the hospital on Friday afternoon, and am really looking forward to it.  I really hope that it goes well.  Tiffany said the fact that I am getting a peer interview means I have a real good chance of getting hired, so we'll see.  I'm still nervous as heck and have my doubts, but we'll see.  I've been praying REALLY, REALLY HARD that I get it, so if God wants it to be, then it will.  And then, if I do get it, I'll have to spend a lot of time praying that I can learn fast and be AWESOME at it. I know I have the potential to be a GREAT nurse, and I just need a chance to do it. 

Tomorrow I have hospital clinicals again, on the Labor & Delivery floor. Another one I am greatly looking forward to! I have to say, I really, absolutely am LOVING my clinicals this semester! It's been a really great one so far. Not one single day that I haven't liked!  And on top of that, I really feel like I'm doing good on retaining the information I need for classes. We'll see... I have to come home tomorrow night and register for the NCLEX exam, so that they have time to do everything they need to do in order to give me a date to take it. Can't WAIT to get that over with and become a REAL R.N.!

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