Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 185: February 28, 2010

Quote of the Day: "People with many interests live, not only longest, but happiest." -George Matthew Allen

I found out a downside to the countertops: It's called children. Okay, well... maybe not children, maybe just one child with a habit of being sloppy when pouring Kool-Aid and fruit punch, then not wiping up his messes. I have found that I now have little red spots on the countertop from said child pouring his drinks. And I tried bleaching them, and guess what? No luck! They're permanent!!! I could choke him! UGH! The only reason that he is still alive and breathing is that they are small little stains... I can just imagine how bad it COULD have been. But I got onto him about them and explained to him that from now on he'd better watch it when he's pouring things, and most especially that he'd better clean things up immediately if he gets something on the counter. I guess it's just that he's at that completely selfish and self-centered age, but it makes me really want to throttle him sometimes. I can't remember if I was ever like that, but I'm sure I probably was.

It took very little time to clean the kitchen today - probably because it's been staying pretty clean. My dressing room, however... what a nightmare! That stupid cat is the worst cat on the face of the planet. He throws litter everywhere, he steps in poop then wipes it on the floor-length mirror when doing the "trying to cover it up" thing. He ends up getting food all over the place.   And let's face it, folks... he really stinks! I have to change the litterbox in that room every single day, with only HIM using it. And I've never seen a cat pee so much in my life! I don't know how much more of it I can stand. I'm going to put the litter box back into its wicker basket in the hopes that it will maybe help him to not lean his butt over the edge of the box while standing in it and peeing/pooping outside of it, and maybe to convince him NOT to try and swipe the walls when he's done going.  It won't do anything about the litter strewn all over the floor, I don't think.
But I do have to say that if he doesn't straighten up he is out of here, because the whole point in having cats is that they are clean animals. Usually. And I don't want to spend every day after work scrubbing walls and floors, like I have been doing. So he'd better start working on his cleanliness skills!  I'll give him until Ron comes home, and no more, because I've been dealing with this for the last two months, and I've gone through a gallon of Windex on that mirror... literally speaking. And it's just GROSS!!!!!

Also, I want to mention that a very dear friend of mine lost a very close, very important person in her life today, and I would like to ask each of you to please pray for her and her family to make it through the coming days/weeks/months/years with the knowledge that they can remember the good things with fervor, and also that she and her family can feel at peace. It's so hard when you lose someone you love, but even more so when it is an unexpected loss that brings reality crashing in on you.  I wish there was a good explanation for why some people are taken from us at such a young age, while others live on until their 90s or hundreds.  There just isn't a reason, or a formula, that can make us understand how it all works. I guess because if there was a pattern, man would be spending all sorts of time trying to find ways to beat it.  The important thing is that, Laurie, I am praying for you and your family. God bless you, and I love you. Keep faith, and may strength flow through you while you deal with the coming times. You are not alone, and we will make sure that you know it.

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