Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 163: February 6, 2010

Quote of the Day: "To love a person means to agree to grow old with him."  –Albert Camus

Man, ain't that the truth!!! I'm feeling older every single day, no doubt about it. It's funny how it happens that RON doesn't seem to be getting any older, though!!! I thought the keyword was "WITH" him??? So unfair. I think I would probably write someone and complain if I knew who to write to. But I'm stuck with these stupid aching joints and baggy eyes, and there's not a thing I can do about it that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg to fix. It's funny, how I always laughed it off when my mother used to tell me to enjoy my youth while I still could. I realize now (as she said I would, and I'm sure every mother out there has said to her young) that she was right.  But I was so busy enjoying myself that I could never even begin to imagine being old, much less having adult children. Yet here I am, fully aware of how precious that youth was, and of how I could enjoy it, only to find that it's permanently gone. Ironic, I think, that you don't have a clue until you get there. It's like we're programmed to ignore all warning signs at any cost.  Yet, even through my whole entire life I only have one regret... that I started smoking.  How many people can truly say that they have only one regret? Not many, I'm sure.

I worked on the backsplash in the kitchen today, and should have them all completely finished by tomorrow night. And I think I've figured out a way to keep the cats off their food counter until it's done curing... I'm going to blow up a bunch of balloons and hang them from the ceiling to where they completely block off that countertop without touching it... Visual deterrent!!! Yay me! Now all I can do is hope that it works, or lock the cats up in a room for three whole days without ever letting them out. Which I can't stand to think of doing to them. But it's better than the alternative... a trip to the vet because the resin is toxic to them, and a ruined countertop. Hmm... tough choice... hope all you kitties like my office a whole lot!

Study group didn't go so hot today. I couldn't get there until after one because I was talking to Ron on the computer, and by the time I got there everyone had already been studying for so long that their brains were fried. So I only got to study for about an hour, which is an hour more than I would have by myself if I'm being HONEST with myself about it, but still... maybe next time I should just stay home and study here, by myself. Saves on gas that way.  But there is a LOT to memorize for this test, and since it's on Wednesday, I've got to hop to it.  I know I'll do better on it than some of the other tests I've taken, if I can just set my mind to it.  And memorize all the things I need to, which means that I desperately need sleep. I haven't slept well in so long that I've forgotten what it even feels like to be rested. Can't wait until Ron comes home so that I can relax at night and actually get into a deep sleep!

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