Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 162: February 5, 2010

Quote of the Day: "When we’re not together, I spend my time wishing that we were."   -author unknown

I got pulled over today!! I had just picked Cody up from a friend's house and was driving down 369 when it happened.  I saw the car about the same time I saw his lights go on. I didn't think I was speeding, but then again I NEVER drive 369, so I have no idea what the speed limit is on it. Well, I do now, he said it's sixty. Never did tell me my speed I'd been going, though, so I have no idea if I was really speeding or not.  It's funny, he asked me how long I'd lived in Burk, and I was like "Well, forever, really, but I don't usually take this road because the highway's easier." I think I've driven on 369 like a total of three or four times. We take it all the time to the lake and stuff, but Ron's always driving. So I guess I'd better pay a little closer attention to the signs around here.

That wasn't the funny part, though... the funny part was my wonderful, crazy son sitting next to me. He looks at me as I'm pulling away with the warning paper tucked neatly into my purse, and says "Guess it's a good thing you lost all that weight, huh, Mom?" I couldn't believe he'd said that!  I was like "Cody, you know they don't let you out of tickets just because you're skinny." And my wonderful son's reply? "Yeah, they do, and all the Burk cops think you're hot 'cause they talk about you to the coach during recess." Umm, what?????  I was like, whoa!!! That's kind of scary... I asked him what they talk about, but he has no idea WHAT they're saying about me, so my mind is going through all the "what could they possibly be saying about me" scenarios.  Talk about being totally floored! And creeped out! I mean, really.... am I known as the "crazy lady" around here, or the "lead foot", or what?  And bless my son, I tried to tell him that no one could possibly think I'm hot or anything else, and he just rolled his eyes. At least he's a good ego boost, right? But now I'm all worried that I'm under the cops' radar for some reason and don't think I've done anything to cause it. I've only been pulled over a couple of times, for pete's sake, it's not like I've killed anybody or anything! LOL

I picked up the paint today to finish the countertops and backsplash, and plan to work on that in between my studying, homework, and all the other things I'll have going on. It's a good thing that it takes the paint a while to dry, it'll give me time to do the other things I need to do. I spent some time looking online this morning for RN jobs in the area, but it looks like it's going to be harder than I thought. There are only 29 jobs at the hospital right now, and there's like 90-something of us graduating in May.  Granted, some are wanting to move to the Metroplex, some want to do home health, rehab, hospice, or something like that, but still... only 29 jobs. And only 4 of them are during the day shift. Two of those are in the ER. It's not looking good right now, that's for sure. Talk about having a HIGH competition rate! It's got me a little bit nervous, that's for sure.

Oh, and I almost forgot..... quite a few of those jobs are PRN jobs, which means you're pretty much only working if they call you in when someone calls in sick or there's a sudden increase of patients. I definitely don't want THAT. Maybe someone might, but I'd rather have full time.  And I tried to look up the state hospital website here in Wichita Falls to see if they have any job openings, but they have nothing listed anywhere on their site that will tell you, so I'll have to ask next time I'm there for clinicals.  I talked to one of the nurses while I was there and they have really great incentives for working there, but that'll do me no good if the one in Wichita has different ones, or if they aren't hiring. I've got a couple of months still to figure it out, so here's hoping that something great comes open for me. If not, then I'm going to have to get a job in Dallas... and Lord knows that's a REAL long drive!

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