Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 159: February 2, 2010

Quote of the Day: "Take time to have fun with your loved one – remember, you can’t cuddle up to money." –Jack McElyea

I'm still feeling really bad, but I figure that it'll go away eventually. My sinuses are all filled up and making me talk funny, and my throat has been really killing me. And the back of my neck feels all tense and achy.  I took a three hour nap this afternoon, which was really nice but didn't help my head any, so I'm once again ready for bed. I have class tomorrow all day, so I will need to be really rested tonight. I should be able to relax a little bit because Tiny is now at the vet. He has gotten super skinny, and was refusing to eat, so was therefore so super weak that he could barely walk. It happened so quickly that I was convinced that he's deathly ill, but the vet said that her suring her preliminary assessment she found that his teeth were in really bad shape and were loose and really built up with tartar and plaque, his gums are swollen, abscessed and infected, and he may have other issues which have added to its fast progression since he is such a young cat- only four years old. She did mention the possibility of feline leukemia, among other things such as AIDS. I didn't even know that cats could GET AIDS, but evidently they can. I know, I came home and researched it online because I found it hard to believe. She's testing for all of it, so hopefully we'll know more soon. In the meantime he is staying at the vet's office where he can get real close attention. She says that at this point he's too weak for anesthesia to pull the teeth, that it would kill him, so pretty much all she can do is try to get him better first with antibiotics and then try to pull the teeth. He'd be eating canned cat food for the rest of his life, then. I have no idea how THAT is going to work, because both the other two still need the dry food to help THEIR teeth. But it's hard to tell at this point, because it's too soon to worry about. If he has feline leukemia or something like that, we may have to have him put down. Or find him a new home where there are no other cats which he can give it to. It's all up in the air at this point.

Had a lot of fun with the kids tonight! Cody brought home these red pieces of reflector from one of those roadside reflective stakes that has broken in half, and he tried to talk me into holding the pieces up in front of my eyes and trying to walk while looking through them, which was really, really difficult.  At first it's really disorienting, not only because the red coloring messes with your eyes, but you can think you're looking at something and try walking to it, and end up several feet away from it.   I can't tell you how many times we ran into walls, chairs, tables... you name it.  We spent a great amount of time laughing at each other, like when Cody figured he was in front of the chair and turned around to sit down and promptly fell on the floor because he was actually three feet to the right of the chair.  Damien, of course, did way better than Cody or I either one, and walked all the way through the house without bumping into anything, then added insult to injury by at least  making it to the arm of the chair and sitting down.  Didn't make it fully onto the chair, but that doesn't matter.... Cody and I were officially one-upped.

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