Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 122: December 27th, 2009

Quote of the Day:
Goodbyes are not forever.
Goodbyes are not the end.
They simply mean I'll miss you
Until we meet again!
~Author Unknown

Okay, since Cody was unable to be here for Christmas day we decided to have our Christmas dinner yesterday.  Not really a big hardship, because we had to eat anyways, and it's always better to eat as a family for holidays whenever it's possible.  The boys both decided to stay in bed until 1pm once we finally got home and to bed, but I woke up at 9 so I went ahead and did some cleaning and worked on my quilt for a little bit.  I kept thinking I'd put the ham in the oven right around noon and it would be nice and warm and the entire meal ready when they woke up.  However, the fates or whoever else is in charge thought it would be the perfect opportunity to teach me a lesson. I was not amused.
You see, back when I was buying the food to prepare our Thanksgiving meal I bought enough to make sure that I had Christmas dinner taken care of as well. So the thought never crossed my mind that I had bought for just us, and that I'd had to make extra at Thanksgiving due to having two surprise guests. I went to grab the ham and put it in the oven to warm up, thinking I had bought a pre-cooked ham. WRONG! Turns out that the ham wasn't precooked, and would take FOREVER to cook!  Okay, no big deal. I just cut it into smaller portions to cook individually. It would cook faster that way, and I wouldn't have to cook the whole entire thing in one day.  So I got that started, and then moved on to the other things. 
Like the mashed potatoes... had to get the potatoes boiling so that they could cook.  It was then that I realized that SOMEONE had used the last of the butter and not said anything to me... we were completely out! So we would have no butter for the mashed potatoes, and none for the stuffing. Okay, no big deal. I decided we'd have mozzarella topped baked potatoes instead, and just make the stuffing without butter.  Then it came to the green been casserole, which is when I figured out what had happened. I had bought the french fried onions and the cream of mushroom soup last time, so I went to grab them out of the cupboard only to find them gone, and that was when it hit me. I had cooked it all on Thanksgiving. (Keep in mind, I had just gotten back  from braving the ice and sliding all over the place to buy the brown sugar I needed to do the candied yams. I had run out of that too!)
So I decided to try and improvise with the green beans a little with what I had on hand. Let me just tell you right now.... VELVEETA AND GREEN BEANS WITH BACON sounded good at the time, but the reality was really not worth the effort. It was DISGUSTING! So next time we'll just completely leave the green beans off the menu if we have to. None of us would eat it. Probably not even the dogs, but I was feeling too nice at that point in time to give them that kind of belly ache.  I just chalk it up to this one little nugget of wisdom: NEVER try to improvise with food on four hours of sleep... it does not work. It never will work. Just give it up and move on.  So we ate our butterless stuffing, our ham, and the candied yams, and the baked potatoes. The green beans? In the trash. The bargain bread rolls? Hard as rocks with no butter. None of us enjoyed them.  Next year? WILL CHECK THE CUPBOARDS BEFORE CHRISTMAS EVE. NO exceptions.
Today was a little better, except that my internal clock must have been thrown off by staying up so long, because I woke up at 3:30 this morning and was about as wide awake as I could ever be.  I laid there for a while trying to force myself to fall back to sleep, but it didn't work until about 5 or so.  Then I was up at 7am just like normal.  So once again, I've spent the day completely tired.  But that's okay, I went over to Sherrie's house this afternoon and we made our Noel signs for next Christmas, which was really fun.  And after I got back from there I worked on the quilt again.  It is currently in the dryer, and hopefully when it comes out it will be all ready for its backing and then I'll be done with it.  Tomorrow's plan? To vacuum up all the various little quarter-inch threads that are literally covering every square inch of the living room floor from shaking the blanket out before the wash.  To finish the backing.  And maybe do a little more cleaning.  And who KNOWS what else. I guess it depends on if I get enough sleep or not, I may just say the heck with it.  I may just spend the entire day finding new recipes online.  I did some of that yesterday, and was very, very hungry by the time I called it a night.  Too bad I'm dieting... I found a couple of recipes that would taste just AMAZING!

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