Thursday, December 31, 2009

Day 126: December 31, 2009

Quote of the Day:
"The real secret of patience is to find something to do in the meantime." -author unknown

In honor of my "quote of the day", I have found something else to do in the meantime.  Tonight, I cooked up a LOT of spaghetti, and after feeding the garbage-disposal -er, Cody, I put the rest into some containers to freeze, so that I hopefully won't hear "But there's NOTHING to eat!" when I have a whole freezer full of meats and veggies waiting to be cooked.  You would think I was torturing them by telling them to cook something.  If it's not corn dogs, sandwiches, or microwave-ready, they aren't interested.  Tomorrow's job:  cooking up a bunch of corn chowder and lasagna.  And Ron, you'll be happy to know that I have tried THREE TIMES to cook spaghetti like you, and after tonight's attempt, it is still deemed "not as good as Dad's is."  PLEASE hurry home and cook this child some spaghetti! (And me... I really DO suck at spaghetti!)

I had to work out super early this morning, which kind of got my day off to an early start, which worked out.  I looked up some more recipes while waiting for Ron to come online, cleaned the kitchen up, went to Wichita Falls to pick up my gas cards from the Workforce Commission for my travel to and from school,  then hit up WalMart to see what I could find to store food in.  I could NOT believe how many people were there! It's like all of Wichita county decided that today is the day to get out and about, and they all decided to go to WalMart.  There was no parking. You could barely walk in the store without SOMEBODY either standing in front of what you are trying to look at, or stopping right in front of you and you having to stand there and wait for them forever.  Sigh.  We all know how I am with crowds, I get really really grouchy.  And I'm dieting... that's like a double whammy! Add in PMS, and I was a goner before I even parked.  The checkout lines were so long that I had to stand there for twenty minutes.  And there was even a line in the women's restroom, which NEVER happens.  Do I know how to pick my days to go shopping, or what? I thought I had entered a time warp and it was Black Friday, which I avoid like the plague!!!

I didn't have a lot of choices for storage containers, so I ended up getting a variety of different sizes that all seem to be a little too big for my tastes, but we'll see. With all the variety of foods I intend to cook up, it may be a good idea to have the extra space.  After that I went and picked up Cody at Nathan's, we went grocery shopping at United, which was every bit as packed with people as WalMart had been.  It was quicker in the checkout line, though.  And it's been cooking and cleaning up the kitchen ever since. Yay. I'm not sure why it is that at the end of the day it feels like I have run a marathon, and then I come on here to type up the blog and it's like I've done nothing all day long.  That really irks me. 

But the good news is that my long stretch of bad weight days is over, and although it took me five days to do it I FINALLY weigh something besides 132.6 -  I weighed in at 132.0 this morning! Yay me!  And all it took was for me to get mad and threaten my body that if it did not either gain or lose weight overnight I would go buy a box of CheezIts and a bag of Chex Mix and eat them both in their entirety while sitting in front of the television. 

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