Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day 121: December 26, 2009

Quote of the Day:  “In the hope to meet Shortly again, and make our absence sweet.” ~Ben Jonson

It has been a really crazy couple of days. People here just can't drive in snow, that's all!  I heard from my friend Sherrie that the police had to borrow 4WD vehicles from Pruitt Ford here in town just to go and rescue people in.  Last night I started getting text messages from Cody that he was having an asthma attack. And did not have his inhaler. I asked him how bad it was, and told him that if it got worse to call me.  Well, at about 12:30 this morning he called and said that he really needed me to come and get him. So I groaned, grumbled, and got out of bed.  It was the longest drive I have EVER had to Wichita Falls!  It took me until 4am by the time I got back home and could barely get the car up the driveway.  I slipped and slid all over the place!  I ended up sideways on Kramer Road while going 10mph.  The funny thing is, the whole way there were trucks passing me all the time going at least thirty, and here I was having to go all slow.  But the only time I spun my tires was trying to get back into the driveway afterward.  I had to just back up and gun it.... and still barely made it up into the driveway before the car got stuck.  I just pulled the e-brake and gave up. I figure I'll go repark today when the driveway thaws out.

And just in case you are wondering, yes, Cody actually did need his inhaler.  It must be the sudden change in weather.   But he didn't sound any better after using his inhaler when I picked him up, and says that his lungs hurt when he breathes, so I may end up making another trek to Wichita Falls to take him to the clinic. It would figure if he ended up with pneumonia, wouldn't it?  I'll be keeping a close eye on him today, though, for sure.

Sorry, I just lost my train of thought.... as I'm sitting here writing this, Tiny is chasing his tail!  A cat, chasing his tail!!!! Wow, has the world gone nuts or something???  The kitties have all been really rowdy the last couple of days, but today seems to be really, really bad.  They're all running full-speed throughout the house. Crazy little guys! But I'd better get going, we're doing our Christmas today, so I've gotta get cooking.

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