Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 105: December 10th, 2009

Quote of the Day:
"I have not yet met with a sorrow that could not be borne, nor with one who's passing did not leave me stronger." -Kathryn L. Nelson, Pemberley Manor, 2006

I made acorn squash tonight with dinner, a first for me.  It actually turned out pretty good, which of course means that the kids did not like it. But they ate it anyways, and it went really good with the pork roast, carrots, and cabbage. Not too bad. Although I think next time I will try cooking the carrots and cabbage separately from the roast.  That way they'll retain a lot of their own flavors.

Today's been a pretty good day.  Picked up the remaining Christmas lights mess and put everything back into the attic until it's time to take everything down next year.  It's amazing how clean the house looks now, even though I have not cleaned yet. I can't believe how much of a mess the place looked with all that stuff sitting around. Never really noticed that it was just the Christmas stuff that was making everything messy.  I have big plans tomorrow to workout with Sherrie and get some of the things I'll need to deal with working on the first step of Ron's surprise.  All in all, I think I will be pretty busy tomorrow.

I called the people at Whirlpool back today because they did send the control board to fix the water heater but they did not include the plastic housing that it is supposed to sit in.  I tried for an hour to talk to whatever random person in India I reached that could barely speak English, then got irate.  I pulled up their website and found a different number for them.  When I got ahold of a person she said that I'd have to call the other number because that's who does the water heaters.  I explained how I had been dealing with those people and gotten frustrated, and how I wanted to speak to someone to whom English was NOT a second language.  She was extremely nice, and got me through to one of the people in the AMERICAN branch of the water heater service area. Imagine that... within two minutes I had explained that they did not include the plastic housing and that it was necessary because the other one had caught on fire and melted, and she had ordered a new one to be sent to me and it will be here tomorrow.  TWO MINUTES. That is all it took, once I got to talk to someone who knew English.  Why the hell are they allowed to outsource jobs to other countries which AMERICANS could be filling, feeding familes here in the states? Look how much more efficient it would be!  And the only reason these stupid companies go and open call centers in foreign countries is because people will "work for much less."  Yeah, that may be true... we aren't stupid, after all. BUT, that being said.... you get what you pay for, you cheap morons.  Next time, I won't be buying a Whirlpool ANYTHING. Just like I'll never use AOL. And any other companies I have which outsource like that I have plans for dropping as soon as something else comes available to me.

Oh, and I wrapped Mom's presents to the boys this afternoon. It reminds me, though, I have to buy batteries for them, don't let me forget.  But that reminds, me, too... I had a great idea for Christmas tree ornaments the other day.... buy a lot of those four-packs of batteries and tie them to the tree with red ribbons.  Then, when Christmas day comes and all the children ( and old children ) get their Christmas presents that require batteries there's not last-minute run to try and find a store that's open on Christmas day.  Now, why didn't I have that idea when my kids were little and I could have really USED it?  Oh, well.... there's always the grandkids.

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