Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day 90: November 25, 2009

Quote of the Day: "Why can't we get all the people together in the world that we really like and then just stay together? I guess that wouldn't work. Someone would leave. Someone always leaves. Then we would have to say good-bye. I hate good-byes. I know what I need. I need more hellos." ~Charles M. Schulz

It has been a pretty good day in my little corner of the world today, unlike some of the people I know.  I officially started my day this morning by going to the gym with Sherrie, and we had a really good workout. I climbed 53 floors on the stairmaster! UGH!  But I worked through my knees hurting, and it was good.  Then we went to the Commissary and I picked up some things for Ron that I think he'll enjoy.  I can't WAIT to send them to him... it'll be really great for him, and I also got a whole bunch of bananas at 25 cents a bag, so I'm going to make banana bread to send to him so that he can have enough to share with all the guys over there.  I'd imagine they really would like something homemade for the holidays, and if not, well, at least it's something they can snack on.  I'll also be making some beer bread to send to him, so that will be good too.

But poor Sherrie and Laurie are having a really bad day today.  Sherrie went to bake her pumpkin pies this evening for tomorrow, to get them ready, and found out that their stove is now broken! How awful is that!!!! Ron and I know all about having broken appliances on Thanksgiving from having our great freezer thawout a few years back. When my pumpkin pie in the freezer melted all over ALL the foods in the freezer. Didn't matter anyways, because it was mostly trashed, but there also was the year that my Corningware with the stuffing in it exploded all over the kitchen in Japan.  THAT was actually pretty funny, though, and we got a good laugh.  Once we had cleaned up all the glass, that is.  And I'm thankful for our neighbors that were all getting together for Thanksgiving dinner, so that we at least got to eat some stuffing that year... I didn't have any more that I could make, remember that, Ron? Good times.

And Laurie... she called to say that she wasn't supposed to work today but got called in, and hit her head on a coat hook in one of the patient rooms when she went in to give the patient therapy, and had to go to the emergency room and get stitches in her head!  On a day when she wasn't even supposed to work.  Go figure, right? So that's two of my good friends that have had really rotten days, and I just keep wondering... am I next? Or one of my other friends?  It makes me sad for them regardless. I invited Mike and Sherrie to come have Thanksgiving dinner here, and they can use my oven if they want to, but they prefer to stay at home and enjoy the adventure... so Sherrie says that she may come tomorrow morning to do her pies and rolls, and they will attempt to BBQ their turkey.  Isn't that how memories are made, anyways?  Of course it is... you can tell by my own "exploding dish" debacle... I won't ever forget THAT Thanksgiving! HAHAHA

Other than that, I've been pretty low-key all day long. The kitchen is clean, there's just a few loads of laundry left to do, and I have to vacuum and mop the kitchen floor, and that's about it.  Such an EXCITING life I have, right? hehehe  Just wait... when I get out of school and am able to do some real fun things, and not just housecleaning and home things, the blog will be SO much better.   Although it will probably be a weekly thing, at that point.  This takes a lot of time, and I would have so much more fun giving a condensed version and being out in the world enjoying some things, whether it be shows, or who knows what.  I'm planning on getting a LIFE! And I know that Ron feels exactly the same, there are a LOT of things he would love to be able to do once in a while.   Like go to concerts. Or camping. Or fishing. Or travel. Or just... whatever we WANT to do. Whenever we aren't working. Or even better.... get new flooring!!!!!!  That would be great! To get rid of this disgusting carpet would be fantastic. Our biggest problem, though, is deciding whether to go with wood (which is in right now) or tile (which really isn't).  I like both, and so does Ron.  I think that wood would look better with the style of house, but am worried about durability. Sigh.  I guess we'll probably go with tile. UGH! Oh, well... maybe a little upgrade to the kitchen, instead? ;) New countertops and floors would go a long way to making it liveable and presentable... But again, one step at a time, right? LOL  I always do that, just get my head spinning full of ideas and spend thousands of dollars in my mind.  It's not MY fault that I have an imagination, though! Blame my parents!

I went outside today, and was surprised... the spanish flag I planted this past spring, that barely grew and then started to die out the minute it got cool without ever having bloomed.... IS NOW BLOOMING!!!!!! Can you believe it? It's so frustrating! I wish it would have bloomed the way it was supposed to. I think next spring I'll try again, but put it in a different spot so that it can maybe grow and bloom right. It really is a pretty vine, and I wish it had performed better. I think it just got too hot where I have it this year. I'll have to plant a hot-weather vine there next spring.  Anyone who has any ideas of a good heat tolerant vine, please let me know... I won't have much time to research it this time around.

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