Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 88: November 23rd, 2009

Quote of the Day: “I think about you constantly, whether it's with my mind or my heart.” ~Albany Bach Reid

The blog is seriously late tonight, I know. I nearly forgot again, because the boys wanted to go see New Moon, so I took them to the theater to see it and I went and watched 2012 since I'd already SEEN New Moon and thought it would be a waste of money to see it again, especially since I plan on buying it when it comes out on DVD. But 2012 was a GREAT movie too, definitely right up our alley. It's the kind of movie that Ron and I both really, really enjoy watching... tons of natural disasters! It actually really does make you think, in a way.  That's the reason that we watch them. It gives you a little bit of "what-if" to think about, and it's a way to remind you that no matter what you do or how safe you are, there isn't always a guarantee. I think that's what we love the most about those movies, anyways. Speaking for myself. I really can't honestly tell you if that's Ron's reason or not, and I don't dare to speculate... sometimes the inner workings of his mind can be downright scary! HAHAHA

Our next door neighbor mowed our front yard today. I was just sitting in my chair reading with major medicine head, and I kept hearing a lawnmower.  It didn't really hit me that it kept sounding closer and closer for a while, but he had been mowing his own yard, and decided to be nice and mow ours too.  Either that, or he thought it was getting too tall?  Nah, not really.  It wasn't, but you know how my mind works... if someone does something nice for me, I have to figure out all the alterior motives they might have.  And I HAVE been meaning to go mow it once I start feeling better. The entire yard hasn't grown a bit, except for the two small patches of wild grass that we haven't been able to kill yet... those were about three inches tall.  The rest was normal, though, which is why I wasn't out there doing it while I was sick. Definitely not worth it, if you ask me.  I know that I appreciate him doing it for us, but at the same time I have that "I should have done that" guilt going on.  I guess I'll have to write him a thank-you note.

I went to the gym with Sherrie again this morning and tried yet again to kill myself.  I'm getting better at it or something, though, because it didn't hurt as badly as the last time we went.  We had to go to WalMart on the way home because Sherrie needed to pick up some things to make pumpkin pies for her church for Thanksgiving, so I went ahead and picked up a turkey and some other things for Thanksgiving dinner. And guess who I ran into while I was there? Tiffany! She and her mother were there shopping also, and it was good to see her for that few minutes even if I was a little distracted because I was feeling rushed.  She'll be coming over tomorrow to pick up our baby gate so that they can use them for the puppies.  She says they're getting really big now, and I can't wait to see them again. And no, Ron, I won't break my promise and bring one home. I'm not a glutton for punishment! LOL

Oh, and I had my follow-up dental appointment today, which REALLY irritated me.  I've been sick as a dog for the last few days, and had to drive an hour and a half round-trip to Lawton, and pay $1.50 at the toll booth for each leg of the trip, just to spend 5 minutes in a chair while a dental assistant looked at my mouth and decided that things were coming along nicely.  Not even the dentist!!! I was miserable, running a fever, couldn't breathe, and had a sinus headache bigger than Texas, and had to struggle through the drive just for five minutes.  Five minutes... seriously? Are you kidding me? LOL

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