Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 81: November 16th, 2009

Quote of the Day: "The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible." -Arthur C. Clarke

I almost did it again!  I was laying in bed and struggling to try and get to sleep with like a million and one thoughts in my head, when it hit me... I hadn't done tonight's blog!  At least I remembered, right?  So much is going on right now that I think if my brain was not attached I'd have lost it somewhere. I know that. I think I've even said that before on here?

Study group went well today. Only Laurie and I showed up, but we were able to go over every single thing in the module in 4 hours.  Not too shabby!   It helps that we've already gone over everything twice, I suppose, but the more you study the more you'll retain, so we just keep at it like workhorses, pounding it into our brains. (Hopefully.)  Interestingly, while we were there the guys were there working on the elevator! YAY!  They were either riding up and down on it between the floors to work out the kinks, or they were sitting inside the elevator working on it while it was stuck on the third floor. Either way, the doors kept opening and closing with them inside the whole time we were there studying. I kept waiting for them to take down the Closed sign, but they never did.  Maybe next time we go and study we'll be able to ride the elevator? Hard to tell, it's only been out of order for three months now!

After study group I did some driving around, and it was soooo chilly outside! I stopped by Lowe's and picked up some door hinges to make all our interior doors self-closing, in the hopes that I can keep that stupid cat from sneaking into the bathrooms and peeing on the rugs and dog beds. One more time I catch the little shit doing it and I am taking him to the county pound, whether I want to or not. There is nothing worse in my opinion than a cat or dog who forgets its potty training... once they do it, they won't quit! UGH! It's so gross!  But also while I was there I picked up some new weather covers for the outside hose bibs, since all the weatherstripping on the edges of our current ones has rotted. After that I hit up the post office on base for boxes to mail some things to Ron in.  I grabbed four, figuring that maybe I would have enough to last a little while, but it turns out that I actually needed all 4 boxes this time... It's going to cost me another $50-$60 to mail everything to him! UGH! I can't wait until he comes  home! 

HOWEVER... afterward... I decided that I am tired of my pants all falling off of me and went by the BX.  I walked around forever trying to find pants that I might like, and once I did I grabbed a pair of 9's and a pair of 7's off the shelf, not sure how much my weight loss has affected my sizes. And when I got to the fitting room I figured what the heck... why not try on the 7's first? Maybe hope upon hope would come true and I would fit into them again?  And wouldn't you know..... I FIT INTO A SIZE 7 JEAN!!!!!! And they weren't even tight! No wonder my clothes keep falling off me... that's 2 sizes smaller than I was two months ago!!! I am so proud of me!!!! I'm only buying the one pair, because I still have a lot of weight I can lose, and who knows? Maybe I'll end up buying even smaller sizes soon! WOOHOOO!  My mission may not be accomplished, but it is DEFINITELY underway!

Oh, and I'm kicking around some ideas for a surprise for Ron for when he gets back. If the money goes right. We'll see. If not, then I will post my ideas the last week or two of his tour so that you can all give feedback. It will take a lot of my time and every carpentry and remodeling skill I have ever learned (and some I haven't, as well) but it would be really great to see his face if it turns out as well as it looks in my head.  Maybe if we can't afford it now he'll like my idea enough to use it later, when we can. If not, well... there's always the trip to Reno to take my mind off it!

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