Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day 80: November 15th, 2009

Quote of the Day: "Leadership is not a one-day thing. It is a constant commitment to excellence, a habit . . . a daily practice." -author unknown

I had to pay the car and truck payment today. It KILLS me to do that!!! They're so damn expensive, and it's such a ridiculous amount of money to shell out every month! It wouldn't be so bad I guess, except that the loans are so long and drawn out that they end up getting WAY more money than a vehicle is worth in interest alone.  I was looking at the loan info, and the date it should be paid off is estimated as 2012. RIDICULOUS!!!! These stupid vehicles probably won't even be running by them, with the way the auto makers are making the cars nowadays. They just aren't designed to last like they used to be.  It's a shame, too, but you're lucky to get two years out of a car.  And on my car the transmission is already acting up, so I don't know how much longer I even have with it.  I'm considering my options for trade-ins and what I would eventually like to drive, but I figure I have a while before I even need to worry about it, so I only look around every once in a while.  The hardest part for me is trying to figure out what I want a vehicle to do for me. Truck/Car/Van is a hard choice! LOL

I'm going to be doing some more studying today and cleaning house a little bit. It's really cloudy and dreary outside again for the second day in a row, so I don't see me having a problem with staying inside and getting things done.  Did you know that my bathroom has been staying clean lately?  Just food for thought! :) It and my bedroom are really the only rooms that haven't been getting out-of-control lately.  The living room is always a mess now compliments of Cody, and the kitchen... well, let's just say that I gave up on THAT room a long time ago. I have a feeling it won't be truly clean until I am out of school. Sigh. Only a few months left, so I'm definitely hanging in there! :)

Anyways, feeling kind of bad, so I'm going to go lay down on the couch for a while and get some extra rest, then hit the sack so that I can go to study group tomorrow.  See ya later! :)

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