Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day 65: October 31st, 2009

Quote of the Day: "Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgment that something is more important than fear. The brave may not live forever but the cautious do not live at all. " -Meg Cabot


Here's Cody, trying to figure out what to do about a Halloween costume... nothing like waiting until the last minute to figure it out, right?  He was going to dye the nylon green, but then he had a better idea.  He'd use face paint instead.  Want to see the end results? Take a look. I find the pictures really, really creepy!!!

Here's Cody and Nathan all dressed up and ready for trick-or-treating.  Cody borrowed his older brother's cape, spray painted his hair, and was all painted up.  It only took a half hour or so, once his mind was made up.  His friend Nathan looks really creepy, too, so all in all it was a good costume day!

Cody is DEFINITELY his father's child, though... look how huge his hands are compared to the rest of him! They're bigger than his head! OMG!  If you open the picture up, it's even MORE obvious. WAY creepy looking! It gives you a whole new perspective on him, doesn't it? Or maybe it's the black body paint. Either way, it's right out of Creepshow in this getup!

We had a lot of really, really cute kids come around this year, though it was a little annoying to see van after truck after van dropping off kids from other neighborhoods to trick-or-treat here.  Okay, MORE than a little annoying. But it happens everywhere, and they all have to have somewhere to go, right?  Mike and Tiff showed up to hang out and hand out candy, too, so we got to chat for a little bit about all kinds of stuff.  However, I have decided that since last year Ron left me with all the Halloween festivities to go bowling, and this year he was gone for it, next year is ALL RON. I'm going to sit back and let HIM do all the candy duty. And it goes on and on and on, in this place.  Good luck, babe, you'll need it! :)

Oh, and some more good news... no one tripped on our stairs this year.  One kid did trip on the concrete out in the road, however, and dropped all his candy. Some other kids came and helped him pick it up, so it was okay.  And I even saw a DAD walking down the street in a pair of white short-shorts, a glamour tank top and  a Dolly Parton wig!!! A lot of the adults dressed up this year, which was really great.  It's nice to see.  One dad was a really great scarecrow, straw and all. I'm just hoping he had a t-shirt or something between it and him or he'll be sorry in the morning.  The cutest, though, was a mom dressed up as Cruella DeVil who was carrying an infant in a tiny little Dalmatian costume. TOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!

There were a lot of homemade costumes this year, a lot of really great store bought, some light up ones, some really unique ones, some that were popular a couple years back, and others that you found yourself saying "You honestly think that's a costume???"  In other words, it was the usual blend. I didn't see as many kids NOT dressed in an actual costume this year, though. I guess they needed to blow off steam or something.  Mike was really funny, he was on "trip patrol". If kids came back that had already been to the house (not sure how he can remember all the costumes and such, but he did) he would call them out on it.  We had a really great time. I miss being able to hang out with Mike & Tiff. I'm thinking it's going to be time for another "adults only" camping trip after Ron gets back.... we've got a lot of card playing to catch up on!!!

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