Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 57: October 23rd, 2009

Quote of the Day:
“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” - Napoleon Hill

Today has been a really slow, really lazy day. I spent most of it sitting on my backside and messing around on the internet. I finished my homework for school last night, and as such have had nothing to do but study. Oh, and I managed to fold my laundry and put it away, so THAT is finally done. Now if I could just clean the dining room table off, things would be spectacular! You should see the mess I have going… mail and schoolwork are pretty much covering every single inch of it. You’d think that a completely OCD person like me would be going crazy right now just looking at it, but the truth is that I’m just so tired that I can’t bring myself to care about it anymore. I am VERY ready for Christmas break already, and it’s not even November. What does that say about me? Am I lazy, or just beyond capable of coping? LOL

I went out back to check out the pepper plants today, and the little bell peppers are growing very well. And just imagine… I actually HAD peppers on the plant! After Chloe had that one pepper, she must have decided that she never wanted to try THAT again…especially when you consider the fact that they were hanging over the edge of the little fence where she could easily reach them. I picked about 15 of them and brought them in, washed them up, and froze them for Ron. Then like a dummy I remembered that I should have taken a picture of them for Ron. But I did save the two biggest, healthiest ones, and am going to be trying to mail them to him. Hopefully they’ll make it. I just hope he has a LOT of water when he tries to eat them! And that he doesn’t try to trick one of his buddies into eating one… those puppies are H-O-T!!!!!

Tiger has been being a bad kitty all night, chasing Tiny around and starting fights. So finally, after they started to get a little too loud and mean I finally decided that I’d had enough and grabbed one of the sweaters and put on him. He then proceeded to spend the next half hour walking a few inches, and then flopping down on his side. Then getting up, walking to a new spot and flopping. He was definitely pouting, that’s for sure. But I took the sweater off him after a little bit, and there hasn’t been a single problem the whole rest of the time with him picking fights. So my theory holds true: sweaters are a good disciplinary tool to use on cats. Or at the very least, a great distraction from aggression. He is now laying happily across the floor sleeping.

Tomorrow I will be heading up to study at MSU with Laurie, Delia, and Carol Ann. We have another big test coming up on Wednesday, and I’m thinking that this one is going to be a lot harder than any of the previous ones. It is only 40 questions instead of 50 like the other tests have been, so the questions will be worth more. So I have no choice, I HAVE to do good on this one, much better than the other tests I’ve taken in the class so far. But at least there won’t be any math on this test, so I can spend my time focusing on the important information. That’s a good thing. And if I can stick to my guns and really, really study hard I should be fine. 

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