Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 37: October 3rd, 2009

Quote of the Day: "Individual commitment to a group effort -- that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.-Vince Lombardi"

I finally got to go to the Burkburnett Friendship Festival, for the first time out of all the years we've lived here. And I think I can safely say that it really isn't all that. As a matter of fact, it seems more like a community swap meet or something. But I did enjoy the quilt show! There were two of them there that I would have loved to get my hands on....

This one because I LOVE the wedding ring pattern, and the color is fantastic!

And this one, because, well it's just too darn cute! :)

There were a couple of things for the kids to do, such as bounce toys... The little ones loved the pony ride.
This shark slide was a favorite.And look who I ran into there! It was great catching up!
There was mud volleyball competition for the jr high and high school kids.
And live entertainment! I actually have a (REALLY) short video of these guys I'll put on here.
For a price there was lots of different food vendors. All in all it was something to pass the time, and would be great if you wanted to find a purse to buy, almost everyone was selling those. And makeup. And jewelry. Not much representation for the guys, though.

Still, there's something to be said about living in a town where the WHOLE TOWN shows up for something like this. Either it says "our town is so small that even THIS can be the social event of the year," or it says "We just love our town, and want to socialize as cheaply as possible." By the way, there WAS a longhorn here which you could sit on and take your picture, which I was planning to do for Ron (yeah, I know I'm scared of cows) but by the time I got off the computer from talking with him they had already taken it away. I waited too long. So, sorry folks, no picture of me with a terrified look on my face on a longhorn. Maybe next year.
The rest of my day has been boring as well. Did some laundry, studied. Not much else TO do since it started raining and getting all dreary outside while I was at the festival. I didn't even go walk, but I figure that I had to have walked about a mile at the festival, so I'll just count that as my exercise for the day and walk twice as far tomorrow. Sigh. No rest for the weary. That's okay, I'm discouraged with my weight loss anyways. Not getting anywhere fast really stinks when you're trying. :(

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