Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 34: September 30th, 2009

Quote of the Day: "We can all be heroes in our virtues, in our homes, in our lives. -James Ellis"

My second test of the semester is finally over, and I think I may have done better than on the first test! Then again, every time I think I did great on a test I get that stupid 78 score, sooo.... I think I bombed it! Completely and totally! HAHAHAHA!!! In all seriousness, though, I really did feel that I knew most of it. No big deal if I don't get a good score as long as I pass, but I'm feeling the 90's coming on really soon! Or at least, I'm praying for them. . . the bad luck streak has to end sometime!

Other than that, things are settling down into a routine somewhat. I had to take Damien in and buy him some new glasses under his new prescription, and he's sufficiently happy that he can see better now. Plus, he has a backup pair so that if something happens to one he'll still have a pair to use to drive. I know it's not the best, but at least it's something. Next time is on him, though. Although with the way they're doing him at his work I'm not sure that it's going to be anytime soon. He says he has been trying to find another job, but so far no luck. It's really sad, but the economy is in such a bad state that it's hard to even get a job at a McDonald's. I told him to go and apply at Lowe's and see if he can get on there. At least THEY won't cut his hours mercilessly. Right?

Cody's been up to his usual stuff. Right now he's in the kitchen stuffing his face after getting home from church. I swear that boy is growing again! It wouldn't surprise me a bit, actually! He's already taller than me, and wears a size 11 shoe. I wonder just how big he'll actually get? Poor thing.... if he turns out like Ron (or worse: taller!) then we'll all be in trouble. The girls already all love him, so I can't wait to beat them off with a stick. He has a new girlfriend now, named Krystal, and she is a real doll. As in a petite little blond who dresses nice. Kind of hard to come by in this town where a good 60% of the kids are on their way to being obese and around 35% are truly obese. I don't know if it's something in the water or not, but MAN, THEY GROW THEM BIG! I wish I had a picture of Cody and his girl, but I don't. I've only seen her once. I'll have to see if I can get one, though.

I have to get off here early (again) and go to bed, I have clinicals in the morning at 0-dark-30, so I'll have to be up early again tomorrow, and I've already been up today since 4:30, so I am exhausted! Enjoy the pictures below, and I will post more tomorrow. :)

VFW Post 10455: There for YOU!
Damien and his furrball... he says he plans to shave it!

THINGS SEEN: From the Wal Mart parking lot

Isn't the moon strange to see in the daytime?

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