Monday, September 28, 2009

Day 32: September 28th, 2009

Quote of the Day: "What is the opposite of two? A lonely me, a lonely you. ~Richard Wilbur"

The A/C guy came and looked at the AC today. He says that it needs a new control board, but they don't have them in stock so he'll have to order one. So.... he's going to call and let me know when he thinks they can get one, but that means that since I have school on Wednesday in Vernon and clinicals at the hospital on Thursday, they won't be able to come fix it until Friday at the earliest, or even MONDAY!!! UGH! No A/C? I don't mind that when I'm camping, but at home? Where you are used to having it? Hmm... what are the odds that they can get one and fix it tomorrow? Not good, I know... sigh. I'll be saving a TON of money on my electric bill. I guess I'll just have to keep on keeping all the windows open to air the house out. Remember my post the other day, where I said how nice it was to have the windows open and let the air breeze through, and how nice it makes the house smell? Yeah. I think I jinxed myself on that one. What do you think?
Miss Mocha, posing for the camera ********************
To top it all off, I had a completely BLOND moment today. Anyone who knows me, they know that I am extremely capable of dropping the occasional blond moment here and there. Right? Well, let me tell you, folks, today's was a real doozy! I got up out of bed late and immediately got on the computer to work on my care plan for clinicals. I got some coffee. I smoked. I heard the trash truck coming by and remembered that today was Monday, and I had forgotten to take the trash bin out to the curb last night. I ran out there to see if it was too late, and it was. I came inside, I stretched out, studied a little. Got an IM from Sherrie to ask if I was coming to walk the kids to school with her, but I had overslept so I didn't get to do that. Apologized, and will go tomorrow come hell or high water. Got a call from the A/C company to let me know they were coming. Worked on the care plan some more... and then the unthinkable ( or maybe thinkable, if you know me) happened. At around 11 o'clock it suddenly struck me.... OH, MY GOD, IT'S MONDAY! CODY IS SUPPOSED TO BE IN SCHOOL, AND HE IS SITTING IN THE CHAIR IN THE LIVING ROOM WATCHING TELEVISION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I went in and said "Cody! You're supposed to be in school right now!" And he sat up straight in the chair and said "What day is it?" LOL So we BOTH had a total blond moment. He rushed in and got ready, and we got him to school by 11:30, but man, do I feel like a moron! Nursing school is hell on your memory, folks, don't go there! (It wouldn't be near as bad if I didn't have the trash truck and the walk-the-kids-to-school IM to remind me and STILL didn't remember! )
The girls hanging out in the yard ********************
Nothing like a little humble pie to bring you down a peg, huh? Ron just laughed when I told him what happened. He may or may not have said something smart-alecky about it. You know, something like "Holy shit that is funny!" And then, to top THAT off, he says "hold on I have to get off the floor and back in my chair!" What a brat. And of course, the grand finale: "Damm no AC really screws you two up." Grr. He's lucky I wasn't on the phone with him or I might have hung up, the butthead! heheheh Just kidding.... you know I love him. He's just what I need to make me even MORE humble! LOL I did have a really good chat with him, though. We got to video conference, and I have to say he looked really good. Nothing like having a job to do and doing it to keep him happy. You can always tell when he's been productive, he loses ten years off his face. Or it's just that I age him by ten years when he's around me. I AM a rather big pain in the you-know-where sometimes. But I learned from the best... you know, the one who is currently getting up off the floor from laughing? Oh, yeah, Cody just walked by me and said "I have to get to bed soon. And don't forget, I have school tomorrow." I really wish there was an emoticon to describe feeling like an idiot, blushing, looking sheepish, and rolling your eyes all at the same time.... I would put it right here at the end of this darn paragraph! :)
Awww, what a sweet picture of our little Chloe!********************

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