Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day 10: September 6th, 2009

Quote of the day: "Some things in life are so special they are indescribable – that’s how I feel about us. –Gayle Lapekas"

What a long day of studying! Laurie and Amy and I had study group today at my place, and I'd swear we ate about 10lbs of food each while we were studying. Oh, and thank you to Ron for getting me my beautiful handmade wooden bowls on his trip to South America. They make excellent snack bowls for studying! We got a lot accomplished, and I think we're just about well on our way to getting a decent grade on the test that's coming up. At least, I think I'm getting a hang of reading the cardiac strips. I'm making flash cards, so if anything I'll have lots to study. I'll be so tired of dysrhythmias, cardiac, CHF, and MIs by the time we're done with this module that I'll probably end up HAVING an MI! LOL
I was supposed to clean the pool today, but alas... it did not get accomplished. Again. This is day two, I was technically supposed to do it on Saturday, but didn't get it done. Oh, well, third time's the charm, right? There's been enough other things going on to use up all my time, energy, and even my brain. Speaking of the pool, though, you should see this HUGE SPIDER that is currently lying on the bottom of the shallow end!

You can't really tell from pictures, but when you count its legs, it is as big as one of the pop-ups in the bottom of the pool. YIKES!!!! With my fear of spiders ever since being bitten last August, you can imagine how well THAT goes over with me! I definitely would not get in the pool with that in there, even if it IS dead. I'll take my chances with overheating, thank you very much!

Damien had to work today, and I believe he is coming home tonight, but since he turned 18 you can never be sure what he is planning to do. And Cody is out at his friend Nathan’s, in the country, doing who knows what. So I’ve pretty much had the house to myself all day long which makes it great for studying. I can get so much more done when I don’t have to yell for kids to keep it down, or give rides to places, or try to get them to do chores. Damien did all of his today without me pushing him, which I am grateful for. Maybe he’s getting the flu? He did say he’s been feeling a little run down…..

And as for Ron.... here is where I want to spend our evenings when you come home.....

Or, at least, once the weather warms up a bit :)

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