Thursday, December 24, 2009

Day 119: December 24, 2009

Quote of the Day:  "Be still sad heart, and cease repining, behind the clouds is the sun still shining"-Author Unknown

SNOWSNOWSNOWSNOWSNOWSNOWSNOWSNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can't believe it! I woke up this morning and walked into the bathroom to weigh myself, and just happened to look up at the skylight, and was shocked to see snow! Of course, I had to run outside and immediately take a picture or two, and have been sitting here at the window ever since watching these big, monstrous flakes flying around.  It's coming down really good., but there's also a really good wind that's making it look almost blizzard-like.  I can't wait to see how long it snows for!

9:50am:  Just looked at the weather, and we are now in a blizzard warning.  The temperature is dropping lower and lower, and they're saying that  this is just going to keep coming.  I am LOVING IT! I can barely see out the windows from the snow blowing against them.  They have now closed the base down, and all those people are being sent home.  The only bad thing about this as far as timing goes, is that I have to drive out near Thornberry today to pick up Cody, who went to spend the night at his friend Nathan's last night with me supposed to come get him today.  I figured that yeah, okay, we'll get some  snowflakes and that's about it... typical Texas weather.  WRONG!!!  As I'm sitting here watching the snow pile higher and higher, I'm wondering if we're even going to be able to go get him or not. What a mess!

11:05am:  Can I tell you that I really, really, REALLY WISH YOU WERE HERE RIGHT NOW TO SEE THIS!!!!!!!!!! You wouldn't believe how badly I wish you were here right now. They've activated the city's emergency phone call system, telling everyone that they are to stay at home unless travel is absolutely necessary. I opened the front door a few minutes ago to find that the snow is at least a foot deep in the entire front walkway.  You can barely see the plants anymore. And the little half walls have white caps on them!  I'm starting to wonder if I will be having Christmas without Cody.... they live down a really winding road, and I'm wondering if I'll even be able to tell what's road and what's grassy shoulder and what's ditch. Uh-oh... guess maybe I should have gone when it first started, but they were saying that it would all be over by noon. A van and a truck just drove down the road out front, and literally within thirty seconds their tracks were completely invisible. NOW what?

1:35pm: Well, it has been a pretty eventful day. I can't see out my windows because of all the snow that has stuck to them in the blowing wind.  I just came in from helping one of the neighbors push their car out of the road from getting it stuck. Right outside my house. They live sort of across the street.  And they just drove all the way to Wichita Falls to pick up Christmas dinner, and got all the way back here... just to get stuck less than 300 feet from their house.  Thing is, they drive a Chrysler just like mine.  I called Sheriff Ronnie and asked him how the roads were between here and Thornberry, and he said that they weren't even driveable... I am now resigned to the fact that Cody will not be able to come home today.

4pm: Looks like it has finally quit snowing! All that is left now is the occasional blowing snow. And the HUGE snow drifts. There will be no driving for a couple of days, unfortunately. Unless they go salt every single street.  They closed all the highways here, too.  Oh, and just so you know.... MOCHA HATES SNOW!  She is completely afraid of it. It's kind of funny.  She's so afraid of it that she decided it was better to poop on the patio than go out in it!

10:45pm:  Okay, I have decided that I like snow, but not wind-blown snow. It just isn't pretty the way having everything covered equally is.  For instance, across the street part of their yard has grass, and the rest of it is snow-covered, from the wind blowing it all around.  And then there's the fact that the snow is knee-deep all the way up to the front door, but yet only calf-deep in other spots.  It's just not consistent, and makes it hard to get a real idea of how much snow you get.  And I had to go out a second time this afternoon to help push Jackie next door so that he could get out of the road and onto his driveway!  Seems like everyone thought it'd be great to go drive in the snow.  Poor Sherrie had to work today, and made a valiant attempt, but her truck got stuck at the on-ramp to the highway, and will have to stay there until tomorrow, unless this mess doesn't get a little safer to drive on.  Then it could be Saturday before they get it.  Or Sunday.  Or who knows when?

I have more pictures, but am going to have to put them onto Flickr and load them as a slideshow, because it is taking FOREVER to load these pictures, and I want to go to bed sometime tonight.  Hopefully, these will do for now.

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