Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 113: December 18, 2009

Quote of the Day:   "I hate being without you, because it’s so easy to be with you." –Gayle Lapekas

I watched a movie tonight that finally, finally was decent. After sitting in front of the television all day long cutting out fabric squares for the quilt and having to sit through one horrible, boring, irrelevant show after another, I finally had something decent to watch at 9 o'clock tonight.  Confessions of a Shopaholic.... it's a movie which I have repeatedly passed by at the movie store every time we go to rent movies, because it simply didn't sound all that great to me.  However, after watching it, I have to say it was a decent movie.  It was about this girl with a chronic shopping problem, and the troubles that it causes her.  And the ever-mounting debt. Of course, that really strikes home for me because I HATE having debt. And heaven knows we seem to have enough of it around here.  They say that the "average" American family has a credit balance of $50k, and that probably isn't too far off the mark. Everyone I know pretty much has one form of debt or another. Us included. And sometimes it feels like it is strangling you, even if you're always current on your payments.  And yes, they really do avoid telling you that the money you owe now you might finally pay off in sixty years if you only pay minimum payments and don't use the cards ever again, right? Or does that not really matter when most people seem utterly convinced that the world is going to end in 2012? You know, the same people who thought the world would end because of the Y2K thing. Hmm... hard to tell. Wonder if they'll let you into heaven if you have outstanding credit card debt? Or does that fall into the "greed", one of the seven deadly sins? Just a random thought.

I finally finished the quilt squares, so it looks like it's time for me to start on the sewing part of it.  Isn't that scary? I can't believe that it took so long to cut them all out!  It probably would have been a lot quicker except that it's impossible to mark on black denim and be able to see it well enough to cut accurately.  I'm a little nervous about it, to be honest, because I haven't really had the greatest track record with sewing. But I guess giving it a try is worth it, right? At least I'm not so afraid that I simply refuse to sew anything. I'm just glad that I don't have to do this whole thing by hand. THAT would be very, very painful on the fingers after the first few squares. I'll try to take pictures of it and put on here when it's finished, but if it doesn't turn out well all bets are off.  It'll just be quietly put aside to be used on cold days when no one else will be around to see it! HAHAHA

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