Friday, October 9, 2009

Day 43: October 9th, 2009

Quote of the Day: "There can be no rainbow without a cloud and a storm. - J.H Vincent"
Things are rolling right along. I made it through class and clinicals without gaining weight, which is a first since I first started keeping track. It's quite amazing, actually... I'm sticking with it for once. And I'm doing good, too. I've been watching what I eat and have walked in three days almost what I walked all of last week. If I can keep walking 4 miles a day, I will hit my target weight in no time, and then it will be just maintain and eat healthy. The no soda part of it has been the hardest for me, but my weight literally quit with the ups and downs when i quit drinking it, so I know that it really affects how much water I retain. Must be the sodium content in the carbonation.
Sweet little sleepy Tiny man
Look, Dad, he DOES know how to do dishes!

Damien came home today and actually did the dishes. He has been a little up and down lately, with all the problems he's been having with getting hours at work. He just doesn't know what to do about it, and I think he just doesn't have it in him to confront his managers. He says that he is trying hard to find a new job, but we'll see. I just hope that something happens soon, because something's got to give so that he can take care of his bills. Otherwise, he's just getting nowhere. Fast. And he needs to stay home a little more, too. That room could use some cleaning!

Cody busy being angry with me.
Cody and I have had it out today big time, if you can't tell by the picture. He has been trying to manipulate me for the past couple of weeks, and I have finally had enough. The whole time he has been trying to do what he wants to do whenever he wants without asking me, he's been calling for rides all the time, and he tries to tell me that he told me this morning he was going to go hang out with his girlfriend after school. When I specifically told him this morning that he was supposed to come right home after school. He tried to tell me that he DID tell me he wasn't coming right home. He SAYS that he had his music playing and didn't hear me tell him to come home. THEN he started complaining nonstop about me grounding him all weekend on a three-day weekend. Oh, well. It's time he remembers who's the boss. I've caved in long enough, and things are going to change. Or he'll be spending ALL his time at home if he's not at school. AND I will start driving him to and from school every single day that I don't have class to make sure that he is at home. Like I told him, I have no problem with him going out and doing things after school, if he comes home first and does his chores. Why can't he get that? Why does he have to be so much like his Dad? Well, like his Dad USED to be, anyways. But there's no denying he's his father's child.

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