Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 41: October 7th, 2009

Quote of the Day: "Thou art gone from my gaze like a beautiful dream.And I seek thee in vain by the meadow and stream.~George Linley"

It's been an interesting day so far. School went as usual, except first thing upon getting there I smashed my finger in a door, and the very tip of my finger turned purple under the nail and on the pad both. It hurt like CRAZY!!! It was one of those throbbing, burning pains. I was miserable! UGH! I can be such a klutz sometimes! It's awful. But then again, my hubby is too, so I don't feel so bad. And if he denies it, there are several instances which I can easily name that would prove otherwise! ;) hehehe
My hibiscus trees are finally starting to bloom again. I think they need to be put in the ground, myself, but I'm just not sure where to put them. And I'm not sure they'll make it - they supposedly are only cold hardy to 40 degrees. But there are a lot of other hibiscus around that are in the ground and they seem to be doing just fine. So I'm thinking of a place to put them. Any ideas???

We had a little bit of excitement tonight, actually. Damien went on my walk with me, and we were just on our last little bit when we got to the corner of the street leading to our house and we witnessed some yahoo in a white truck rear-end another parked truck and then drive off. He must have slid on the wet roads or something, I'm not really sure what happened. I'm assuming it was a kid, because whoever it was had a little difficulty driving, and was driving like someone who was learning to drive a stick shift. And it was a guy wearing a baseball cap. But it was dark, so we couldn't tell you anything more. Except that we got the license plate number, so we knocked on the lady's door and gave her the license plate number and that it was a white truck, not sure what kind. I also left my name and address with her in case the police needed it. I didn't really see any damage on the truck, but it was dark out so I'm not sure if there was some that I may have just not been able to see. Who knows? Gave me something to talk about for a few minutes, though, didn't it?

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