Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 177: February 20, 2010

Quote of the Day:  "Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough." -Og Mandino

I've been a busy bee today! I got up, I did about two hours of practice NCLEX test questions, I talked to Ron, I cleaned up the kitchen and mopped the floor, I watched a movie, I did about four hours of homework, I read a little bit of a book... I actually got a lot done! I sure can feel it in my neck, though... it's been stiff and sore for a couple days, but today it's actually a little worse. Maybe I'm sleeping wrong at night, and it isn't stress like I was thinking it is? Hard to tell.

The cats have been freed from their prison a day early.  I let them out tonight because the countertops seem pretty much done to me. As  precaution I've kept their cat food on the floor until tomorrow night, but they are sure glad to be out and about.  I just let them out about half an hour ago, and Tiger has been zooming around the house ever since chasing his crinkly ball.  No sign of where Tiny disappeared to, so I have no idea what he's up to. Mika is pacing the house crying because I won't give her canned food. I'm so mean!!!  She keeps going back into the bedroom because she just knows that Tiny gets his canned food in my bathroom and it's just not fair because she's the princess, and she should get her very own can too, and doesn't she deserve it for putting up with the two guys, and how can I be so mean to her, and on and on and on it goes.  You'd honestly think she was going to die if I didn't feed her a can right this very second! What a spoiled little brat! LOL

Cody came back from his church thing tonight sick to his stomach. He evidently learned a valuable lesson... you just can't go thirty hours fasting and then expect to be able to pig out on four plates full of food... your stomach is going to rebel against it. BIG time.  But he had a lot of fun, and after about an hour he was feeling better. At least he didn't get sick or anything.  I don't think he'll want to try the fasting business again any time soon, but on the way home he regaled me with stories of how in Ethiopia most people can't read, and they drink the same water they wash their feet and bodies in, and on and on.   So at least some of the information he was MEANT to learn he remembered. I was really wondering if that would be the case, or if he would only concentrate on the fun and games part of it.  So I guess you can say I am a little impressed by him tonight.
Tomorrow I have to get up and get right to folding and putting away laundry, and vacuuming and dusting, so that I can get started again on homework. Maybe I can mow the yard, if it's warm enough tomorrow. Who knows, though, with the way the weather has been all crazy lately.  I think I may go up into the attic and change the A/C filter, too, maybe that will help with some of the sinus problems we've all been having. Well, Cody and I anyways... Damien is just never home anymore. I'm about to go buy him a box of trash bags for his room, though... I had to go in there today to get water to mop with because I can't get the counter wet yet, and his bathroom floor is full of dirty clothes. And there's hair on the sink from where he's cut his hair, and hair in the tub from getting clogged in the drain... and I don't even want to KNOW what all else there is in that pit... I quit looking. Boys are soooo gross!!!! God save me, please, from their disgusting laziness!  I'm seriously going to take away everything but clothes out of BOTH their rooms pretty soon. THAT will teach them to clean up after themselves. Or just make extra work for me, because they won't care either way. You just can't win with teenagers.  That's why God made sex so great... if people didn't get enjoyment from it, no one in their right minds would EVER choose to have kids.

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