Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 144: January 18, 2010

Quote of the Day: "If only we'd stop trying to be happy we'd have a pretty good time." -Edith Wharton

Getting a late start to the blog tonight, I had no idea how late it was! I've been pretty busy today, actually, which felt good for once. All the Christmas lights are down outside now and ready to be put up into the attic. I would have done the inside decorations as well, but I got sidetracked by a sudden urge to put a whole lot of recipes onto 4x6 colored papers to put together my very own cookbook. So I spent most of the time doing that. 

During the day, I put the battery charger on Ron's truck to charge the battery, then drove to Auto Zone down in Wichita Falls by the base and had them test the battery. Twice. End result? The guy said that the battery tested out fine, and it doesn't need replaced. He said that the cold can drain a battery really quick, but that they usually come back from it. Not sure, though. I'll wait until tomorrow morning when I go out to start it to make up my mind on whether he's right or not.

I did put gas in the truck while I was on base, though, and boy was it a shocker to remember how MUCH gas that thing takes! It was close to eighty bucks! Ron, you REALLY need to go get a car to drive to and from work, no buts about it! Something that you can fill up for under $25 would be super nice. And I think I'm changing my mind on wanting an SUV now, although that one is more for being able to drive to the hospital to work when there's icy roads and snow. But if my car can get me there, then there really isn't a need. And I do know now that driving my car on ice, to Wichita Falls, only takes an hour and a half going 5 to 10 mph... so at least if a storm does hit once I am a nurse, as long as they don't close the roads again I'll just have to leave an hour and a half early.  This past Christmas when we had the blizzard they closed the roads, and a lot of the nurses got stuck at the hospital for three days, sleeping there and everything.  Hopefully they had a change of clothes or two in their lockers... I know I will!

Tomorrow is my last day before the first day of semester, and I am VERY anxious to just get it over with and be done. I can't seem to shake the feeling that I will feel so much more prepared once I am OUT of school and don't have that "studying" thing hanging over my head. I've learned in clinicals that it doesn't matter how "smart" you are, you're still going to have to ask other nurses' opinions. I've seen well-seasoned nurses doing just that. The trick is to find the ones you can trust to know the answer you need, and that can take some serious time.  Everything I have heard and read says that it takes at least six months to a year before you really get the hang of being a nurse, so at least I know that going into it.  The biggest phrase at the hospital that nearly every nurse has told me is "Once you get out of nursing school and get a job, you're going to swear that they taught you NOTHING in nursing school!" And they're all so happy when they say it, too... like they're trying to make sure that we don't come out thinking we know it all. I've seen a few of THOSE nurses on the floor, too, and they drive everyone crazy. I'm going to do my absolute best, and then some, not to be THAT nurse.

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