Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 96: December 1st, 2009

Quote of the Day: "I will keep a smile on my face and in my heart even when it hurts today." -Og Mandino

The weather is really, really icky outside today. It has been cold and rainy all day long, and they say that tonight is supposed to be a low of 36 with a rain/snow mix. I've been keeping the heater off the whole time, no matter how cold it was outside, but today I finally decided that one day of having warm hands wouldn't be a bad thing, so I turned it on.  It was 58 in the house when I did, DEFINITELY not a comfortable temperature.  BARELY not comfortable, but it's been staying 60 in here for the last three weeks, so a little warmth isn't a bad thing.

You know, I’ve noticed lately that every fall, our yard gets “professionally” de-thatched and stirred up. For FREE! And it is, quite literally, an every fall thing. I walk outside every day in the spring and summer and the grass is all pretty and perfect and green. Then all of a sudden fall hits, and I start seeing little patches of dirt and grass pulled out. Just a small patch, here and there- nothing to really worry about. Until the next day, when there’s a little more, and on and on it goes as fall progresses, until one day I walk outside and see that most of the grass in my yard is now, literally in the yard, not attached to the yard. And how, you may ask, does this happen? Well, I’ll tell you… it’s Chloe! That supposedly sweet and innocent dog that never does ANYTHING wrong according to the guys in the family has developed a particular fondness for those grubs that live in the dirt, and with her supersonic hearing she listens for them and then digs them out and eats them! And in the process, turns our yard into this really huge mess. Sometimes it makes me want to choke her! Like we don’t have a hard enough time keeping the weeds out??? We are going to have to SERIOUSLY take matters into our own hands and spend some money on pest control if we ever want to have a nice yard. Or get rid of the dog, which after her chewing up the moulding at the back door and destroying the yard I am starting to think is an option. Stupid dog. Between the dogs and cats, I’m going a little crazy here!

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