Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day 73: November 8th, 2009

Quote of the Day: “God give me work, till my life shall end And life, till my work is done.” ~Epitaph of Winifred Holtby

Got up this morning to a cool, crisp and very damp day. Not rain-damp, though, just dew-damp. But I was up early enough that I just happened to notice that for the first time ever since I planted them, the night-blooming white morning glory had flowers open at the same time as the day-blooming red and blue, so I snapped a quick picture of it. That’s pretty rare, so I wanted to enjoy it. Everything is starting to get that “fall haze” that everything gets covered in overnight around here. Cars, windows, plants, grass, roofs…. EVERYTHING gets soaked here in the fall. Spring’s the same way. I really enjoy it, though, as long as it doesn’t get cold enough to ice over on my windshield on clinical or school days. THEN it’s a problem, simply because I can’t park my car in the garage and end up running late because I have to wait for the stuff to melt enough that I can see. The next house we get will have a 6-car shop so that I can actually use my garage for what it was intended for: to park in.

The baby bell pepper has gotten bigger!

This is it. Tomorrow I drive up to Lawton for my tooth extraction. I’m a little nervous, but only because of what I went through when I had my wisdom teeth pulled. You remember what that was like, right, Ron? Horrible! I’m hoping that maybe they’ll give me something for the pain just in case, but if they don’t I’ve still got the prescription from my spider bite that I can possibly use. As long as it doesn’t make me nauseous again like it did when I had the spider bite. I’ll ask them about it while I’m there, but I honestly doubt they will give me anything. Probably tell me to take some Motrin or Tylenol. Either way, at least it will be done and I’ll be able to brush my teeth a little better. Right? And I don’t have to worry about my eating being impacted, because I saw on the x-ray that I only use an eighth of that tooth for chewing on. So it won’t be much of a loss at all.

Now there's another baby pepper to take its place.

I went outside and took care of some of the plants today, and it was really nice outside! Not too hot, or anything. It was just right. I was surrounded by bees the whole time, though… evidently they LOVE salvia. They are all over those bushes! I trimmed the flowering Quince, and worked on tying up my climbing rosebushes so that they will have some support. I had to work really hard to try and tie them all up nicely so that they aren’t all droopy anymore, but I just ended up all scratched up from all the thorns, of which it seems like there are three times as many as on a normal rosebush. And the “happy little roses” as Ron said that they’d be once I got them tied up DEFINITELY do not look happy. They look all rambly and overcrowded. It’s almost like they prefer to just flop around on the ground. I’m going to do some research over Thanksgiving or Christmas break and figure out what the best way to prune them is, and when. I’d like for them to be strong, healthy plants, but for now they just look… well, floppy.

I did find that one of the roses was pollinated, so it looks like I will be growing another rosebush or two from seed, depending on whether they will grow or not. Roses are so picky! But the best part is that because you are growing them from seed you never know what color you’re going to get once they bloom. It could be anything! Especially since there are two very different roses literally inches from each other, the new plants could turn out like either one, or a completely different breed altogether. Can’t wait to give it a try! I can’t help it…. I’m an experimenter. You never know, some of the prettiest roses were complete accidents. So we’ll see. I have five different rose hips full of seeds, and I have a sneaking suspicion that they will all produce more red roses. Then again, one of them was originally an orange and yellow rose, so it’s really hard to tell.

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