Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 77: November 12th, 2009

Quote of the Day: "Only in the agony of parting do we look into the depths of love". ~George Eliot

Hey, just wanted everyone in the world to know the following information....  I HAVE NOT HAD A SINGLE CIGARETTE ALL DAY LONG!!! And even better, it took me three days to finish a single pack!  I have given myself one month to quit completely, and I think that I will be able to manage it. No, I KNOW I will be able to manage it.  Willpower... something I'm learning a lot about through all the exercising I've been doing. 

The best thing is, though... I just had my LAST CLINICAL OF THE SEMESTER!WOOHOOOOOO! Only one SIMS lab left, and a couple classes, and then that's it. Kaput. No more clinicals until next semester. I can hardly believe it's already that time again!  But I am soooo grateful! One semester is all that's keeping me from being an RN, and that will be over just as quickly as this one.  I can hardly imagine what it will be like to have a life again... no more studying every minute that I'm not at school or cleaning. To be able to pick up and do things without feeling guilty about NOT studying.  Better yet, to not have that constant feeling that things are going to come crashing down around me at any given moment.  What I wouldn't give to be stress-free again! 

Today's clinical went very well. I had a really good time with all the nurses I worked with, and I felt like I was mostly right-on with where I needed to be. I had a terrible toothache the whole time, and was unable to take any of my pain meds because they make me all foggy-headed and I was afraid that it would interfere with my concentration. I would hate to have to worry about that on top of everything else.  I was giving insulin today, too, which is dangerous in and of itself. One mess-up and you could kill someone... nothing like putting the pressure on, right? But I got to see some things, and do some things, so it was a good day.

Tomorrow I'm going to be studying again for next week's test, I can't wait for it so that I can get another good grade. I'm shooting for the 90's this time so that I have an even better chance of getting a B in the class. I just KNOW I can do it! I'll be studying as much as possible so that I can.  It will help that the material is going to be easy for me to remember because I've been dealing with a lot of patients with kidney problems lately, and there's a lot of information on the renal system on this test. So, once again, please send me all the good luck wishes you can. And then after that, for the final, send me three times as much as you do for this test! :)  hehehe

Gotta go for now, but I'll be letting you know tomorrow how things go with the studying. Plus I have to go buy some things for Ron and get them mailed out, and pay bills.  Goodnight, everyone!

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