Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 132: January 6, 2010

Quote of the Day: "I need a hug from you – and only the way you can give it." – Gayle Lapekas

I guess I'd better sit down and write the blog, because it's almost eleven and I didn't even realize it. That's okay, though, that's what I have my dearest hubby for... to email and ask me if I'm still up or whether I forgot the blog again.  Gee, am I getting a reputation here, or is it just me? HAHAHA  Nah, it's all good... I know he just misses picking on me on my everyday blond moments. Like tonight, I left my car keys on the counter at the 7-11 without realizing it, and had to go back in and get them- after searching all my pockets and my  purse... three times.  You just can't get more entertaining than ME, let me tell you.  And if I'm not doing something really stupid, then I'm getting all tongue-tied because my mouth can't move as fast as my brain thinks, so there's always that to laugh at.  I guess I'm just a barrel of fun!

I got myself all wrapped up in my 3-D home design program making this house that Ron drew up. It's a very time-consuming  project, so it's really good on the days when you are super-bored and have nothing to do.  Unfortunately, though, I think it measures square footage wrong or something, because it keeps saying that the house is over 5,000 sq feet, not even including the basement. Ron said he estimated it should be right around 3,000. So I have no idea what else I can do to fix it, but I'm going to keep trying.  If I can't fix it, it can't be fixed. Or I'll just ask Ron for help. What can I say, it keeps me sane.

Both the kids are home tonight, amazingly. Which is good, because they're expecting us to have a low of 13 tonight, and I don't want to have to worry about where Damien is and what he's doing, whether he has eaten anything, is warm, etc.  He'll be right here where the house may not be as warm as I'd like it to be, but he has a roof over his head, his own bed, and lots and lots of blankets. FINALLY, I might sleep good tonight! HAHAHA  Cody went straight to Josh's house today after school so that he could go to church tonight, then I had to go pick him up at 9, and of course he came straight home and raided the fridge.  He has some chocolate pudding in there that he decided he wanted to buy with his birthday money, so he has been eating it a little here and there. I've warned him several times not to eat so much that he makes himself sick, so we'll see what happens.  It was a BIG can of it, too... one of those restaurant size cans... should take a normal person a month to eat. I give it less than a week!

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