Monday, April 5, 2010

Got Some 'Splaining To Do!!

I know, I know.... it's been FOREVER since I posted a blog! But can you really blame me for not writing when I finally got my husband back? Had LOTS of catching up to do, after all!

We've thoroughly enjoyed being together again. I almost missed being there at the airport when his plane landed, for two reasons: One, I forgot to print out directions to the airport, and ended up going (just a little bit) out of my way trying to find it; Two, his plane landed early. He called from the runway as they landed, and I was in the middle of going up a parking ramp at the airport. Ended up driving up over a curb a little bit trying to get around the curve, but it was all good. Ron made up for it by taking a wrong turn going back to the base to check into billetting. HAHAHA! Didn't feel so badly after that!

Things are going along great now. We're back in the groove of things we enjoyed before Ron's deployment. And I passed that all-important HESI exam which is required to graduate, so now I know that I will graduate in May, unless I do something to fail a class. Which for me is nearly UNHEARD OF!!!! Or, at least, I hope.

On the day that I passed the test Ron and I went out and bought an RV!!! We've wanted one since 1993 when we started going out with my mother and her friends camping. THEY all had campers and RVs, and we tented it. No big deal, because both of us are happy as clams in a tent. Back then it was just a nice thing to daydream about as we huddled in the tent during a rainstorm.  But as the years went on we got older, and we started having less and less time for setting up a campsite and then tearing it down again the next day or so. That's when we started seriously discussing it.  We used to have a small camper shell on the back of our pickup, but we had to get rid of it to move to Japan. We've missed it ever since, and we couldn't wait to get out there and enjoy the RV. 

So we went out to the lake this past weekend and found that we were right- it really is better to pull in and be able to just relax right away.  Our friends Mike and Tiffany came out to stay with us for a night, and we played a really late game of Yahtzee and ejoyed the campfire.  It was hard to come home, but it's not too bad... now we know that we'll be able to get out in the open more often because of how quick RV camping is.  The only problem is that you really can't choose your neighbors. You can end up with some real characters pulling in anywhere around you.  Which is what happened to us our last night out.  And here I thought those sort of people stayed in actual campgrounds! Or on the movie RV with Robin Williams! Got some really great pictures, though.

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