Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Exhaustion and Disarray

Tonight as I sit here writing this blog for you I am surrounded by a huge mountain of clean laundry covering nearly every surface of our living room sectional that I just haven't had the time to put away yet.  I don't think I've cooked a real dinner in a couple of weeks now thanks to all the cooking and freezing I've done lately, but all that is quickly coming to an end - we're nearly out of EVERYTHING I precooked now.  And we just can't seem to get caught up with ANYTHING lately.  Ah, nursing school... the time when perfectly normal people become overnight slobs and irresponsible billpayers due to lack of time or energy for anything not nursing-school related.

As my time comes to a close and I get closer to graduation, (12 more class days to attend!) I'm starting keeping track of all the things which I will eventually be able to do once again. Like, you know, have a clean house. And an evening.  And sleep in on days off without feeling guilty for not getting up to study. I can't say that I've hated nursing school, but I'm pretty sure that my house, pets, and children do.  It will be good for ALL of us once I finally get that diploma I've been waiting for.  I keep  hoping that it will all come together here pretty soon, and just tonight I sat down and completed my registration for the NCLEX test, and registered with the Texas Board of Nursing. It's down to the wire, the finish line is in sight, and I couldn't be happier!

After tomorrow's test I think I'll only have three more tests to study for this semester. I know I shouldn't get too excited about it because once the semester is over I will have to study for the NCLEX, but still... it's another milestone I'll have crossed. Every end of semester I've considered a milestone, and since this is the last one I can finally let myself feel a little bit of the excitement that's creeping in. I've almost earned the right to be Nurse Nason... now I just need to get the means and a job offer. Nothing yet on that front, but I've been applying with United Regional for a couple different positions.  Nothing has come of it so far, but I'm hoping that SOMETHING will happen. Just in case I've been weighing my other options, such as hospice, the cancer center, Kell West, and other places which weren't my first choice. But hey, a job's a job. If I have to make less money, then I'll accept that. I know that I'll do my best no matter where I get hired on, so it's a matter of who wants me. Or more accurately, where HE wants me.  All I ask, Lord, is that it be somewhere that I can do the most good.

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