Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Who the hell decided that putting a tile that is porous and full of thousands of little to pea-sized holes onto a floor was a good idea? It took me four hours on my hands and knees today scrubbing with Dawn dish soap and a scrub brush just to get the ugly yellow floor in my kitchen clean enough for me.  All those little holes sure do hold a LOT of dirt compliments of the dogs, the cats, and the humans in our household.  And yet even clean, all those pits in the tile make it look dirty. WTF?! I can't wait to get rid of the stuff! Oh, but wait.... Until we can save up the cash, I still have four bathrooms full of the crap to scrub! Grrrr!

Ron spent most of the day cleaning his RC car stuff out of our workout room, so the good news is that once I can get in there and clean it up, after I work the next three days, I'll be able to actually USE it. THANK YOU, RON!!! Of course, as I say that I'm simultaneously wondering if I will be angry with him for it later. When my legs hurt so badly they keep me up at night. Oh, wait, they already do that! I did actually sleep last night, though, for the first time in about a week. Heavenly! And speaking of, it's time to head to bed, since I work in the morning. Tomorrow's another day in the wonderful world of being paid a little for a lot.

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